Bivi bags...

Looking to get myself a bivi bag... dont really want to break the bank for one but need it to do the job and would rather put a bit more cash into it than wake up swimming after the first night!

had a scout around on line and there are obviously some that look good but any personal experiences good or bad? thats experiences of the equipment, there are other parts of the site for you to share your other experiences!

Whats up with the one you are issued???
What options are you looking at?
What and where do you need it for?
What is your version of breaking the bank?

Give us something to go on here!

Cheers lads...

I dont have an issue one. Should have mentioned cost, use etc but Bravo_Zulu is pretty much spot was looking around the £50 mark.

its intended use will be for a variety of trips in all seasons, the first being an unsupported cycle from JoG to Lands End. So although the weather at the time will be fairly mild it will be used all year round...
walt_of_the_walts said:
The issue bag is good but it would be better if it had a head to toe length zip or velcro. I'm sure some kit tailors like HM Supplies or Medway medals can mod it for you.
Then try and use it for a river crossing................

Stick to impressing the cadets.
Alpkit Hunka gets some good reviews which would suggest it punches well above its price ticket.
I sell waterproof bivis for £15 if you want one, brand new in olive green, PM me
wildcard.rgbw said:
I sell waterproof bivis for £15 if you want one, brand new in olive green, PM me
what else do you sell?
It's not well known that Goretex breathes both ways and relies on the temperature inside the membrane being higher than that outside-if you get a full GT bag and use it on wet ground in sub-tropical conditions, you will end up lying in a warm puddle-like I did.

Also some blokes put theirs inside an issue sleeping bag 'silk' (actually a coarse-weave nylon shell) in an attempt to stop the bag getting damaged or dirty too quickly (this was in the mid-80's;GT was like gold dust then)
anybody used the american Bivvy bag? tons of them on cheap as chips too. wouldn't mind finding out if they are any good. I have a Brit issue one, which is awesome- loads of room and warm. As previously said though- zip would be good.
French issue ones are excellent and incredibly robust. They are side-zipped with an excellent wide velcro flap to cover the zip. About £45 brand new. Although excellent they are more bulky than issue ones so depending how light you are packing these all-singing-all-dancing ones could be a pain. Issue ones will be easier to pack down
pommydigger said:
anybody used the american Bivvy bag?
Yup, along with the modular doss bag system and a two man dome tent. Proffed from Iraq courtesey of some extremely generous US Marines. Mutts nutts.
sandmanfez said:
If you're not serving, and you're just after a bivi bag to save weight and not be noticed dossing down where you shoudn't, have you considered a bivi tent?
For the sake of a few more quid, and an extra half pound in weight, you get something a bit more comfy and versatile.

For example.
Jack Wolfskin, 3 season. £90.00
I second that. A small one man tent is so much better than a bivvy bag as you will actually stay completely dry and not clammy when it rains.
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