Bivi bags with zips in?


Anyone got the issue bivi bag, but with a zipper in?

Thought it would make getting in and out of the scratcher less of a wrestling match with my kit, but not sure if it would work as well on river crossings, so if anyone has one are they worth it or not?

Not ever seen these issued to my fellow squaddies, but apparently they exist, however I'm sure Mr Silverman would be charging crazy money...


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They are Dutch and are modified in house at the UK importer to fit the zips. Cracking bit of kit for not a lot of money.

I might be able to get some if you want them.




Thanks MiB, do you have a link or contact or anything?

Saw one which looked like our own issue goretex bag in DPM, but with the zip, would that be along the lines of what you mean, not sure about the Dutch-ness of them though! Anyway if you could let us know, sounds good so far...

Had an old survivalaids diagional zip bivi bag since the late 80 worked fine on river crossings


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The Dutch ones are/were olive green. They were a very nice bit of kit. I can contact the importer if you are interested and see if he has any at the moment.


Saw a French sympatex bivi bag with centre zip - anyone used one, know how good they are?

Was thinking of getting a Special Forces 2 from Snugpak to go inside it, meant to be a pretty good winter sleeping bag. Got a liner, and perhaps one of those tropical bags, the Iraq issue ones, would do when the weathers not so harsh.

Guess on a river crossing you could always bundle up your poncho/basha behind the zip to keep anything that did get through out.

Might take you up on that MiB but will be away for a week and a half or so from tomorrow so I'll be in touch later...

I had one with a zip years ago. It was fine until a week in Brecon and the mud cured it from working ever again.
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