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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MercianSGT07, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Im new to this so dont take the P1ss an no im no walt cadet but where can i get a good Bivi bag from and what do you make do suggest?(please do no ask suggest the webtex sh111te)
  2. What's it for?

    You're unlikely to get cheaper than the issue model, and while it's very 'no-frills', it's decent quality.

    Try here:
  3. depends on budget -

    get yourself on ebay,issue gortex bivi bags on there and lve had no dramas with mine
  4. yeah, issue gortex bivvi bags are pretty decent. Not had a problem with mine
  5. What do you actually want in a bivi bag mercian?

    One like the issue one - in which case what is wrong with it?

    Or a one man tent?
  6. The issue one only cadets dont get issued and was wondering were the best place is to get one from
  7. Any surplus store should be able to supply you with one.


    If you, or someone you know, is good at sewing you can knock one up yourself.

    I found the pattern for one, and had it made by my mum whilst I was in.

    The Bivi bag is great. Tough strong lower bit, and the top was made from something like MRX 2000 or similar. Like Gore-Tex but a knock off version :D

    Complete with mosi netting around the mouth, and a little tab so I can attach it to a tree to keep the "mouth" open.

    It's not a bad bit of kit. Cheap too.
  8. correct me if i'm wrong guys but cadets ARE issued with current issue gore-tex bivvie bags, but mainly on annual.

    anyway try these, they do or did have some reasonable gear.
  9. Cadets issued with Bivvy bags? Doubt it. Hard enough to get issued with basic uniform a few years back. Had to supply our own sleeping bags and everything.

    So I doubt that cadets are issued with this kit! :D
  10. it varies from county to county mate, i think. but we got issued with some really guccie (spelling?) kit this year.

    edit: but needless to say it had to be returned at end of camp
  11. we did get some good kit but i dont know an cadets getting issued withe bivi bags
  12. You can have mine, I'll leave it to you in my will. You're not in a hurry are you?
  13. oldbaldy

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    Just in your size as well:

  14. PMSL in your size..... :)