Bivi Bag

rubber said:
Machine washable?


But make sure you tumble dry it afterwards, it has something to do with re-sealing the goretex.

Also make sure that before you tumble dry it, you empty out the gallons of water it has collected whist in the washing machine.

Then make sure you remove all the pine needles that remain stuck to the inside of your bivvi bag. This will prevent them from getting into the tumble dryer and turning up in later washes!
It is. Buy some Nikwax Techwash, which is better for the Goretex than the usual dhobi dust, and follow the instructions. Then you will need to reproof it. If you don't then the next time it rains the water will not 'bead' nicely on the outside but will soak into the face fabric. The water vapour given off by your body will not be able to evaporate as the fabric will have lost its 'breathable' qualities and will condense on the inside of the bivi bag giving the impresion that it is leaking. This is true of goretex clothing too. Oh, and Nikwax do the reproofer as well.
Have some fun!! smear it with mud overnight, while sleeping in it with the hood zipped closed over your head because you're young and stupid (and its raining). The mud should preferably come from the sides of a firetrench you were too lazy/knackered to dig wide enough, so that as you (in your sleep) wedge yourself deep into the trench, when you've breathed all the oxygen in the now impermeable 'bivi-suffocation unit', you can wake up in a suffocating panic, unable to move your arms because they're trapped against the sides of the trench...

With luck, your oppo is in that comatose state of knackered-ness where he can't hear your muffled cries of 'feckin heeeeeeelllppp me, I'm too young to die like this!!!' In any case, there's no air left to grab for a really good scared bellow...

Scariest thing that ever happened to me in the army - I kid you not... I came very close to death, and finally managed - at the expense of a ripped muscle - to force a hand up to the zip... Air never tasted better... :roll:
jeez- ive had some harry houdini moments with my bag, but thats just damn dangerous! bet you and your oppo were 'like that' after that little incident!
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