BitTorrent 6.0 Please Help!!!!

OK, I have downloaded BitTorrent 6.0. I have downloaded a program which I want to use for phot editing. How do I open the bloody thing???
The screen says it has finished downloading (100%). Under status it says 'Seeding' whatever that means. If I double click on the file it says it does not open it, but just goes to Torrent Properties. If I right click and open, it says it can't open it as it does not know what created it. It is a .rar extension.
ANy ideas, and yes, I am a computer thicko?
mr_angry said:
Thank you for that.
MSR I owe you a beer (although it did cost me £6 in txt messages to get the code)!
Thanks again.
Happy to help.

You should point out that the code you paid for is nothing to do with IZARC though - it is free.

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