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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by jcarver007, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Sometimes you think the only option is to turn your back.

    Ive got children from previous relationship who i see regularly and live with me half the week - had my own place. Amicable with their mum and get on well.
    Now couple years ago I started a relationship with a girl I had known for a while and things moved quickly. My kids got on fairly well with hers (although two of hers were snidey little scrotes at times). So she asked me to move in with her...

    I paid for a garage conversion to free up one room so my sons could stay. I paid the mortgage, food, days out etc...didnt have a problem with it ...All good so far...planning on getting hitched etc...then she falls pregnant....also wasnt a problem...

    Now I knew she was sort of person who liked to get her own way and it ranckled her that i didnt let her all the when the midwife appointments came along and i missed some because of work, some because impossible to get from dropping my sons off 20 miles away in morning and get back to appointment...she saw it as having no interest in our unborn son...some of appointments she made at a time which would clash with picking them up.

    She then saw me missing appointments as favouritism towards my sons and the ex...bonkers....she then said she couldnt cope with mine in the house as she was stressed. I then had to see them elsewhere which i did briefly thinking things would blow over.

    But they didnt..more highly strung she got..slightest thing would set her off...didnt matter that xmas time I was working from 2100 - 1000+ in order to spend some quality time at home...
    Was told wouldnt be at the birth then she relented.. then she puts father unknown on birth certificate...

    So **** it I moved things back on track with other sons and work etc.

    She then refused to let me see our son unless I would alter my times with seeing the others but even that wasnt enough. She wanted money which I give and even saying I would have him regularly each week not enough.

    Problem is she will do to him in later life what she did to her ex's kids and feed him lies..very sad.
    And as for the 3.5k on the conversion....wonder if I can get that back if I had nothing signed by her?
    And surely its dodgy that she is claiming benefits, knows full well Im the father and has stated as such but has put father unknown on birth certificate??

    Some people I think will always be bitter.
  2. My daughter is now 17 I had her half the week from 8 till 15 yrs old her mum had the affair not me then went on to be a whore or escort as she put it. I told my daughter the truth at 16 as to why it looked like I was poking my nose in sometimes but it was because I had welfare concerns. Now she refuses to speak to me. I have no comms with the mother or her. Then heard from another party she gave up college couple wks ago and is going to start an apprenticeship soon. I believe my ex has poisioned her mind I asked CSA today when I stop paying they said when child benefit stops how do I know if I dont speak to them
  3. bonkers situation...but some of them get a thrill out of causing trouble. Sometimes gets to the point where if ou fight your going to lose anyway and they will always poison their minds so sometimes walking away for sanity becomes an option...
  4. On the plus side, if it's 'father unknown', does that mean she can't hit you for child support?
  5. News flash: women are batshit crazy.
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  6. Correct unless she puts in for a paternity test in the family courts. She's not going to look good.

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  7. if it's a boy why don't you call her bluff and apply for residence? A boy should be with his dad blah blah

    maybe she was just using you to get a baby - completely unacceptable behaviour if so
  8. A mate here in Oz pays for a daughter in Manchester. Both her and her mother seem like bitches. They only contact the dad near to birthday and Christmas. He has travelled back 4 or 5 times and every time the daughter, now 15, sees him to get presents and cash then the mother fucks him off and tells him the daughter doesn't want to see him.
    I tell him pay the CSA cash then no more. This year he purposely missed her birthday after 8 months of daughter refusing to talk to him. Then both mother and daughter abused him by email!
    Both fucked in the head. At least my ex only destroyed everything I owned at the time!

    To quote a wise man .......

  9. 3,5k conversion, what did you do, wall-paper it?!
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  10. Have a family friend who had a similar problem.
    They split when the daughter was about 12, and went to live mainly with the mother.

    From that age until about 19 or 20, she despised her father, her mother feed her all sorts of lies and of course the reason the split was because of him (not at all true).
    It wasn't until she moved out of home and left her mother that she realized she was a complete nutter and had made everything up, and she now has a fair bit to do with her father and never sees her mother.

    So all is not lost with you.

    I certainly will not disagree. Even the ones that start off fine eventually turn into dragons that will eventually try to bit your head off any chance they can.
    Luckily for them they have one thing going for them which keeps us coming back to them, well two things actually......
  11. Don't pay her a penny unless it's through the CSA. A lot of people knock them but they can help and did me.
    I was paying my ex £120 a week for 2 kids which I stopped when they stopped seeing me (due to her filling their heads with lies). She then got the CSA involved who assessed me at £73 a week.

    That will learn her!

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  12. I am so glad not to have children.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, my friends, welcome to the Jeremy Kyle show.
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  14. That is a VERY good point... not wishing to sound horrible, but she could genuinely not know, if she'd been sleeping with somebody else.

    Part of me thinks, stop paying until you've seen a paternity test. She'd nuke your chances of seeing the kid, though.
  15. I didn't see my daughter for 10 years, 13 really, I was in court for access, the lot.

    When she got to 16 she got in touch and it was brill, she came to live with me.

    It took about a year for my eyes to adjust to the rose coloured lenses and my blood ran cold as I realised that she was the same dishonest replica of her loathsome mother.

    Well, she got booted out of college for drugs and I sent her back to her mum's. The tug of love was a shove of love because neither of us wanted her. I've not heard from her in 2 years. At least I've got closure.

    I hold my hand up and take full responsibility, it's my fault for breeding with untermensh.

    To the op, welcome to the club of blokes who are manipulated and coerced by the instrument that is the love of your child. There are tons of us. We should teach our boys of the evil power that lurks within a woman's groin and how it is used to bend and break us.

    They are armed with a vagina, like a ninja with a katana and they use it with the same ruthless efficiency.

    Young men of arrse, all ye who lurk, you have been warned! All women are vessels of evil, for Satan rides in their vaginas!
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