Bitter winter kills the children of the valleys

And we whinge when we get a few inches of snow.

In a remote province of Afghanistan that has been cut off by the country’s worst winter for 15 years, The Telegraph has found evidence suggesting the deaths of more than a thousand children in the last three weeks.

The Telegraph accompanied three members of the Catholic Relief Service, the first international aid workers to gain access to the Tulak region of the mountainous province of Ghor since it was cut off, travelling on horseback and foot.

Interviews from more than 20 valley villages across Tulak and neighbouring Shahak produced claims that an average of between five and 10 children per village have died in the past month.

The villagers described a surge in respiratory diseases, exacerbated by food shortage and temperatures as low as minus 30 Celsius. “I have treated 160 patients in just two villages where 14 have died,” said Dr Wahidullah Habibi, an Afghan doctor with Catholic Relief Service (CRS).[/quote]
Maybe they can eat poppies.

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