Bitte Herren , wo ist der Apfelkorn ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ancient, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Look , this is ridiculous. When I were a lad we drank Apfelkorn . In the morning . BAOR armoured corps wakey wakey , reach into turret , delve around ready rounds bin , produce bottle , drink hard , start day . I now live in wales . Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on somemore , as I am now tipping through the last four inches of my last litre as I write . . . .
  2. I get mine from the duty free at Amsterdam Airport every now and again [work]. If someone doesn't locate a UK source PM me and I'll get you some next time I'm over "whish doez crazee Dutchies". I work in South Wales.
  3. Trust a matelot!!! Great link + the reviews of the apple nectar were bang on...
  4. I aim to please.

    Now someone can do me a fcuking favour!

    When I was playing at being a pongo during Op Palatine, I got hooked on Kruškovac. Now, does anyone know where I can buy this in the UK?
  5. Try Aldi's or liddles, I'm not sure which one, but they sell it occasionally. Last year I got some fom the one in Catterick(as your leaving the garrison next to the petrol station)
  6. Yep Aldis or Lidls
  7. happy to help!
  8. This lot sell it under liqueurs, probably mail order, the on-line selling bit don't seem to work.
  9. Yes, LIDLE, most of the branches have it in next week for OCTOBERFEST. about £4.99 a bottle. .7L/20vol.
    In 98 I did a 14 week tour of bases in UK /Ireland for NAAFI (XL Leisure) with the 'Jägermeisters Umpah Band', some of the UK bases stocked it then.
  10. You can get most your boxhead stuff at Aldi's, also your Frikkadelles, Bratwurst, cheese etc :D even that cheapie baileys for a proper exercise coffee.
  11. try for Berentzen. Not cheap though.

    Though I did get 6 bottles for less than a fiver each in Salzburg Airport Duty Free a few weeks ago. :D
  12. That website has been out of stock of Kruškovac for months now as is the Gerry's website. I did google it you know! :(
  13. If anybody wants any of the "local brandies" produced in the Balkans I'll be back in the UK for a week in November - I will bring some back. My own favourite is kruschka (pear) but I can also do the other stuff such plum and grape.

    If I crash the car will detonate :D :D
  14. R-M,

    I may take you up on that offer-how much does Kruškovac cost now then?