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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi people, I'm just looking for a few bits for my promotions board. Anyone got any idea where to get them from on the cheap or has them lying around I'd be willing to take them off your hands (even if I had to pay!!!! a little...). Basically I'm looking for...
    Arc Markers
    Cats eyes (weird shiney things for back of helmet)
    Old Fishing reel
    Bivi poles
    A6 nyrex
    Green Shemagh

    I've also heard from somewhere you could make bivi poles out of mop handles and a few screws, though I'm not sure how that works.

    Also heard you can make arc markers from pieces of dowel/wood with day-glo spray paint. Anyone with experience of this because it sounds a little dodgy please post.
  2. Try ebay.
  3. Arc markers ? You can buy dayglo tent pegs
  4. I would think just about any surplus store would sell complete kits. Online (and I'm not advertising for him) you might have some luck with
    kit monster.
  5. Buy a childs play tent from argos - knick the poles out of that.
  6. Booty can you not get IPK pegs/black tape and some white mine tape for Arc sticks.....see your CQ...

    again A6 folders can come through the system....try your local TA they should have a support role to the local Cadet unit..(Most dont mind helping out)..worth a try.

    trip flair pickets make good Bivi poles for the lower end....and check with your local recycling center to save you some poles from any tents that get trashed.....explain what its for...most will help out..

    Might save you some money.

  7. Hi mate,

    With the bivi poles, I think what you are referring to is a broom handle cut in half to make 2 poles with nails/screws in one end. the other end can be sharpened so they are easier to drive into the ground. The idea is the nails are what the eyelets on the apex of your bivi go through to make a sort of ridge tent affair for when in open ground. In my opinion, if you are thinking of joining up after cadets, get a couple of telescopic fishing rod rests (cos you will almost certainly need them for any sort of recruit training)-should be about 4 quid. Do the same job but less hassle and look smarter, however I appreciate you might be on a tight budget.

  8. Seriously Booty mate, you can pick all of that kit (and some) in a days rummaging(is that a word?) through your local council tip.

    First off, old fishing reel, try a car boot sale mate.
    Bivvi poles have been covered.
    Green Shemagh, ebay for about 5 quid.
    Cats eyes, try a local RLC det, plenty on the back of DROPS containers.
    Arc markers, use a stick FFS.
    A6 nyrex, try using a small photo album, if it is not white then insert white card into the sleaves.

    *Disclaimer* If this is a wah, then I've bit. :wink:
  9. Cheers for that...didn't think of the photo album for the nyrex thanks.