BITs & DITs Whats the Difference?

Erm, when you were allowed to do the BITS course, you could teach it on anything, for example, application of nail polish, how to blow dry a cat...

With DITS, it has to be defence related, for example, how to first parade a vehicle, how to apply a first field dressing etc.

Hope that helps. ;)
Duke_of_Edinburgh said:
So the Nuts 'n' Bolts are still the same?
No, Lesson formats are totally different mate. Also there are now three types of skills lesson Tech Skills, BMD and EDIP. It all changed so that all the services teach the same way. Hence a lot of Crab and Pusser techniques are employed. A BIT lesson plan will not work in DIT format even the stage content has now changed, it mostly based on question technique ie teaching and testing questions.
DIT is a bit more fluffy, more student participation by making them think. You can still do any topic. They've taken bits out of BIT which are a bit outdated. I mean when has anybody started smoking in a lesson? So what the point of saying "in this lesson there will be no smoking etc". I'm both BIT and DIT qualified, don't know which I prefer. With DIT there is no test or comformation untill the end of the lesson, which if you are starting a new topic for the first time might not work. I can't see skill at arms in training regt being taught in a DIT format as I don't think it lends its self to that type of topic. Other topics it lends it self quite well to.
DIT is tri service each service have there own way of doing things you are qualified to use either RAF RN or army way of doing things.
Found the DIT course very useful especially with younger students its not so much pink and fluffy more tailored towards low attention span students.
Does anyone know if there are any qualifications, such as Drill Instructor or Skill At Arms Instructor for instance, that obviate the need to do DITS as a SNCO?
Hartman said:
Does anyone know if there are any qualifications, such as Drill Instructor or Skill At Arms Instructor for instance, that obviate the need to do DITS as a SNCO?
Straight answer to that is no. Various people claim that SAA etc give you the qualification, however as various people have found out to there cost if the MCM Div dosen't see the BIT/DIT tick in the box it can lead to a lot of aggro come board time. Bottom line? a week in a classroom could save you a lot of grief later in your career.
DIT is taught at the Infantry Battle School, Support Weapons School on the Infantry Skill at Arms phase of SCBC and Mortar, CIS, Anti Tank courses. Therefore qualifies Infantry JNCOs for promotion to Cpl, it is not taught on the All Arms Skill at Arms Course. This is due to each Arms & Service Directorate being responsible for the delivery of DIT as part of CLM to its own troops.
As above, I have heard quoted from a good source " if you've done a schools Instructors course then you're ok, but it wouldn't heurt to update to DITs" Which is quite true. We have found DIT to be pink & fluffy but ideal for working with recruits!
Thank you for your replies. I think I'll just have to do it as there doesn't seem to be a definite answer. FFBox like you I have heard from a good source but they are not 100% certain! Blacky I certainly did not cover DIT on my Drill Instructor's course but again the source said it counted!
On the old B.I.T. Course I'm pretty certain that you could use virtually any subject matter for for lesson plans. On my B.I.T. Course one bloke brought his golfing kit in for a 20 minute skills & a lass who was a keen horse rider dragged a shedfull of equestrian equipment in for her 20 minute skills. (Big mistake, keep it simple.)

As far as I'm aware on the new D.I.T. Course is now a Tri Service qual. (As pointed out above.) Introduced to keep everything neat & tidy & all under one umbrella.

As far as I'm concerned if it aint broke don't fix it. Or was the B.I.T. Course classed as antiquated?
Duke_of_Edinburgh said:
What’s the difference between Basic Instructional Techniques (BITs) & Defence Instructional Techniques (DITs)?
There are 2 key differences between the two courses and this has to be related to the 3 services and their attitudes to training. Within the Crabs or Ferry boys all instructors tend to be either officers or Seniors and the lessons tend to be trade or qualification related.

In the Army there is a greater reliance on Juniors or Ptes to give presentations, subjects in house which are not necessarily qualification or trade based. Eg giving a short update on an op situation, briefing on patrols, doing a quick FER test etc.

As the training regime is now tri-service they got together to do a course content that could be applied to all, that is why the new technical presentation was introduced as this is the format used by the other two. It is also the reason why the skills presentation has to be work related rather than any subject at all.

The BITs worked (and still works) well for the Army, but for the reasons above had to be altered for the 3. I do agree that the new DIT is not as strict on student assessing and the practice lessons have been reduced. (you no longer do a full lesson then go back to do a further one, your practice is the first part of your lesson on which you are critiqued then you come back and do the same one again with amends)

Hope this helps
the RLC have a central training wing in bielefeld.

they run DIT cses regularly - although it exists primarily to support the Corps, they will take all-arms if you ask nicely!
Most people find DIT "pink and fluffy" but as was correctly stated earlier it is more designed for those with shorter attention spans.

But having done both DIT & BIT, DIT is far better and the follow on courses (SCI, DIT(T) etc) are better tools in your instructional tool belt! 8)
boys / girls

my better half is doing her DITS , My question is does the technical lesson have to be about putting a piece of kit together (ie trip wire) or could it be a practical lesson like setting a compass ??...bone i know but the demarcation line between an EDIP lesson and technical is not that clear in the notes she has...regrads Biff
The Tech lesson is a complete separate format, the only bit that is the same as the theory and EDIP lesson is the introduction.
You can even ask questions on the demonstration phase the last demo phase also incorporates the consolidation finishing with application phase (Brief, supervise and appraise) it is all geared up to a mega tech lesson with sheds loads of class participation.
Setting a compass and trip wire can be made into an EDIP or easily a theory lesson, although I don’t think your make it last 30 mins
Not sure what notes you have been given but there are huge differences between EDIP and tech
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