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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bernster, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. Having been out for a good number of years I now find myself in the position of giving advice to my son, who I am unashamedly steering towards a spell in the military. He is currently a cadet and enjoying it. I have managed to equip him well so far C95 webbing and Bergen etc plus basics that a cadet would need. Now to the point of this post, I am trying to convince him that having an 8 hours candle in his kit is a good idea as they are small, weigh next to nothing provide light and save batterys. If you use tallow you can eat them or melt them and cook with the oil. Do you infantry types still carry them or am I being a fossil.
  2. Survival Kits that are brought usually incorporate a T Light, small round candle. A candle gives off white light which isnt very tactical. The gerber recon or a maglite is much more universal as you can filter, red, light.

    Carrying a small candle to supplement a good torch is a nice idea for your above valid reasons.

    Hope this helps?
  3. No expert on Tactical, yet, but carrying a tallow candle for survival situations is always a good idea! As you said, potential light and even helpful for ignition if you're limited on matches/lighting kit, and if worst comes to worst, you can eat the thing.
    Obviously you'd need a torch aswell, but for preparedness reasons, if out on an expedition or what have you, it's not going to hurt to carry a small candle!
  4. If Cylumes and Hexi Tele are good enough Light/Warmth providers for Afghanistan they're certainly suitable for a Cadet weekend away on Thetford.

    I used to have one in my bergan which got deployed whenever we were put up in barns/fibua villages.

    So not a fossil at all. Tell him he's a sprog and as such should wind his neck in. He doesn't need a DPM Head torch with IR filter as much as he wants it ;)
  5. A fossil cylums and a head torch or small l.e.d torch attached to your smock zip
  6. I shouldn't think there will be many times when cadets will need to eat candles.
    It would probably end being a fancy gizzet to swap with one of his mates for a fag or something.