Biting the hand that helps schools

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Except of course that the shopstewards haven't. The Army kit is still going to be used and:

    In other news, NUT are a bunch of tossers. Are you surprised the Union teddy is on a ballistic trajectory?
  2. Get used to incidents like this.

    Remember the Titanic, the magnificent, unstoppable ocean liner? Well that was the Labour party in 1997.

    Remember when Titanic struck an iceberg and started sinking? Well that's the Labour party now.

    Remember the chief engineer in the film 'Titanic' who was setting the clock in 1st class to the right time as the ship sank? Well that's Gordon Brown.

    Remember the cowardly owner who jumped into a lifeboat and abandoned the ship, crew and passengers to their fate? Well that's Tony Blair.

    Remember Kate Winslet getting her kit off? Well that's Cherie Blair's book exposing everything about life in Downing Street. (Oh god I've just been sick)

    Remember the 3rd class passengers running riot and helping themselves to everything in sight only to drown, weighed down by their stolen silverware. Well that's our underclass of chavs, scroungers and wasters.

    Everybody knows Labour is doomed. The commies, loony lefties, bolshie unionistas and environutters know that the next two years will be their last chance to grab the silverware for perhaps a couple of decades. They're determined to go out with a bang rather than a whimper, secure in the knowledge that the rest of us will be picking up the bill for the salvage fees.
  3. How can we afford sponsorship deals when the lads are still needing..... insert requirement here.
  4. And whilst the NUT get their knickers in a twist we find out that they have been "Teaching to Test" for the SATs because they are so scared of being shown to be the incompetent arssewipes that they are when the results come out.

    The corollary being that we are teaching our kids to regurgitate rather than think about their answers and, in turn, stifling creative thinking.

    Lets dress them up in bloody grey cuvvies now. They already talk Newspeak (innit) and doublethink is about par for this Government.

    I despair.
  5. Ancient Mariner. Spot on, O antideluvian soothsayer thou, a veritable analogy of the current situation and foreseeable future.
  6. oldbaldy

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  7. I have a novel idea for the NUT that they have probably not considered before, try teaching kids?
  8. Now you're just being ridiculous :twisted: They are too busy being anti-everything to indulge in the sort of nonsense you suggest.

    Teaching indeed :twisted:
  9. That's crazy talk. Every teacher (in the NUT executive, anyway - you know, the ones who don't actually teach) will tell you that kids don't need to be taught, they just need to be guided in how to teach themselves.

    Stop being just another brick in the wall, dude!
  10. Smart as Carrots - How do You know that none of the members of the NUT Executive are not employed as teachers? I have searched the NUT site and gone so far as to phone the NUT main office (who asked me to put the request in writing).

    Are You certain that no Executives are teachers, or do You just assume?
  11. Did you find out who is actually on the Executive Sven? I can't find the information anywhere.
  12. the NUT main Office told me to write a letter to the General Secretary ecause they did not put the information out on th website.
  13. Sixty

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    I took SAC's comments to mean that as they were on the National Executive of a trade union, they wouldn't do a lot of day to day teaching to be honest.