Biting the hand that feeds him?

Off course, we should all have realised! How can we be so utterly stupid? All the mistakes and errors over the last five or six years are the fault, entirely, of the dopey officers and thick soldiers.

No blame whatsoever can be attached to the politicians who rashly embarked on this crazy misadventure.

Neither can any blame be attached to the obdurate refusal of the recalcitrant 'mong', formerly the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and now the unelected prime minsiter for his abject refusal to fund this operation adequately.

No blame can be directed at the utter lack of political direction and even will.

I imagine the families of those Service men and women who have been killed will be thrilled to hear the Chief of the Defence Staff's views - AFC and all - and to know therefore, that their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends died as part of a smug and complacent 'laurel resting' organisation.

I wonder which politician directed Stirrup to make this announcement. More I wonder why Stirrup did not tell said politician to get stuffed. Stirrup the Ian Bliar of the Armed Forces. I wish Boris J had to power to sack him as well!


Seeing that CDS is at the top of the tree then the buck stops with him regarding complacency.

This complacency can be solved easily :

MA/CDS should log on on his behalf onto JPA - self service employee - apply for early termination.

Easy peasy problem solved.

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