This just cropped up in a sidebar on a page about an author I was checking out.

These are the prizes in some gamer competition from 10 years ago.

Sometimes it pays to not come first. Or second, third or fourth.


Value as of today - over £851,000.


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Funny how it's gone quiet from all the naysayers we had here :)

My crypto stack has done me very well, as did some of the airdrops i kept posting here.


Due to it dropping some time back I left it hanging. I had some ETH on a sell at at ridiculously high price for over two years. It has sold recently for that price ^_^ and BIT 0.11something which I sold Monday @£34k which had also been sitting waiting. So over the three years I have made about 4k. Generally I have made 200% over the three years which is a lot better than the banks.
Im still going with my project, we are still unknow but kicking doors down in the first to the punches

NFTs on Matic

stick the eth addresses you use for uniswap in this one to see if you have any big airdrop

I got Paint and 1inch - around $1500
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