At my current place of work, the airport, it seems i'm working alongside a bunch of spineless would-be old fcuking women. Granted there's only about 5 of em like this, but our new manager, who has been a baggage handler all his life untill about a year ago, has formed his little kleek of people, and regularly hosts slagging matches, but always when the person in question is never there to defend themselves (it always gets back to us though). Yet the same people are always nicey nice when singled out. Spineless tw@ts.

Does this happen in the army? I've always been one for saying what i thought, if it needed saying, to someones face, and i cant stand the backstabbing barstewards i'm forced to work with. I've fallen out with a few of them, unfortunately this happens quite regularly.

The other 10 or so lads are brilliant though. There's a healthy amount of banter goes on, and we get out on the piss as much as possible. Just we're unfortunate to have been landed with such a useless cnut as a manager, and all the other reprobates lodged in his ass.

Edited for mongish spelling
WTF is kleek?

Is it a town in Wales?
cuckingfunt said:
Also, twat doesn't have an '@' in it :D
So it doesn't. :)
Forks said:
Loads of bitching in the Army.
And what cnut told you that?
Forks said:
mistersoft said:
Forks said:
Loads of bitching in the Army.
And what cnut told you that?
Shit off, you.
I've warned you before about telling tales.


Edited to add: Forks is of course perfectly correct that there's bitching in the army. There always has been and probably always will be. :)
ringdoby said:
Give the OP a break, his username suggest he is in Aberdeen, where English is not the main language.
Anyone outside Aberdeen doesn't understand Aberdonian, as its nothing like English, Scottish, weegie or anything else.......
FINALLY back home, after having spent a day flitting a mate into his new house. As for Aberdonian, i had to learn that fcuking language! I'm from Angus, and have worked in and around Dundee (yet another language in its own right) all my life, untill now!

Anyhoo, 4 hours sleep to obtain before work again, joy!
There used to be bitching in the Army but then they disbanded the Green Jackets...they say you could tell when a Jacket got confused, he stabbed his mates in the chest.
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