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After logging onto this so called site, i have now been sent an e-mail to say that i owe them money for the privilege. I installed said programme, then uninstalled it due to it giving me dramas.
Now i received an e-mail last night saying that i had to send them money as i didn't cancel within 14 days.
Now being in Germany i didn't/ couldn't read it :frustrated: . How do i stand and any suggestions on what to do apart from ignoring it, as they seem to have got hold of my address.

Any help always welcome.
LordVonHarley said:
Did you read the T's and C's before you signed the contract of use?

No, as it was in German, no excuse i know, but after reading about it at no stage did it mention a 14 day cancellation period. after researching on the net, this is a common problem over here, a bit like the dial-up scams. :pissedoff:
All is not lost. Email them and explain that their T's and C's are not clear and you would like to cancel forth with.
I take it you had to enter bank details or Credit card details? If so, option 2 is to cancel you card and tell them you are not going to pay as you feel that you have been riped off and you are going to the trading standards.


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Can you provide the exact link you had to register on.
Also "exactly" what did you down load including version number.
What date did you download software.

Someone I know who knows someone, who met someone once moves in bit torrent circles

This is the translated version from google which on another forum someone mentioned.
i downloaded the version that came up, what number it was i do not know as it interfered with my computer, so i uninstalled the next day. I downloaded it on 02 Feb 07.
Edited to add, i didn't have to give my bank details, but htey do have my address.
Right of revocation:
(Download as pdf/Word)
These InterNet sides are an offer of:
Andreas & Manuel Schmidtlein GbR
Before the stroke 3
D-64572 B?elborn
Umsatzsteuerid: DE230209554
Telephone: 0180-5060530-928 (0.14€/Min a.d. dt. fixed net)
E-Mail on:

Information to the right of revocation:
The customer can, if he is consumer in the sense § 13 BGB, which recall Vertragserkl?ng within two weeks without indication of Gr?en in text form (e.g. letter, fax, E-Mail). The period begins fr?stens with receipt of this instruction. To the keeping of the period of revocation towards? the punctual sending off of the revocation. The revocation is to address to following address, E-Mail or fax:
Andreas & Manuel Schmidtlein GbR
Before the stroke 3, D-64572 B?elborn
Fax: 0180-5060530-329 (0.14€/min from dt. the fixed net)
E-Mail on:

The right of revocation of the customer expires prematurely, if the Dienstleister began with the Ausf?ung the service with ausdr?licher agreement of the customer before end of the period of revocation or the customer arranged these. The recourse to of the service before expiration of the testing time area (§ 3 Abs. ) remains unber?sichtigt for 4 and 5 AGB thereby.

Revocation sequences
In the case of an effective revocation on both sides received achievements zur?zugew?en and uses if necessary pulled (e.g. interest) are to give change. If the customer the achievement received from the Dienstleister cannot zur?gew?en totally or partly or only in worsened condition, it must carry to that extent if necessary indemnification according to value for the Dienstleister out. Obligations for refunding of payments the customer has to erf?en within 30 days after sending off of his Widerrufserkl?ng.

Information to individual regulations of the contract
The g?igen in each case general Gesch?sbedingungen applies. Characteristics of the services and quotations are directly described in connection with the offered service.
The contract between you and us comes off in the following way: They enter the necessary data (names, address, E-Mail address and date of birth) in the registration mask. The registration data k?en you up to the Bet?gung of the Buttons Anmelden. ?ern. The?derungen k?en by means of mouse and/or keyboard to be made. After the Bet?gung of the Buttons Anmelden. you deliver gegen?r Andreas & Manuel Schmidtlein GbR an obligatory Erkl?ng?r the liable to pay the costs use of the Memberbereiches. At the same time you accept our general Gesch?sbedingungen.

Translated with

Hope that helps. I am not sure how things work in Germany but just ignore them? They are hardly likely going to sue are they, esp since they seem to have questionable business practices, and in any case, they will usually write you if they intend to sue giving you plenty of warning.

Also, just because they threatened to sue does not mean they will; it is actually quite common to send letters of demand in the hope of the other party will capitulate.*

I would ignore them and see what happens.

* Applies to England, not sure about germany.
To be honest, i thought that this was the actual site for bit torrent :pissedoff: but wrongly like an arrse now know to be wrong. I went through to this site through a credible computer magazine and thought that this was the Greman part to bit torrent.
Cheers for the info all, always appreciated :thumright:


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Good call from Scabster_Mooch

Check this link out (hope it works) forgive the translation from google but you will get the gist.

Oh and run a good spybot and malware check on your machine and if you know what you are doing clean the registry files up as well.
Check PM ACC have sent you some ownership details of the site.
Good Luck and do not pay.


PS. go to and download bittorrent for free and loads of other goodies to protect your machine. see ya

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