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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. After downloading Vuze (formally known as Azureus) i have looked at the site to maybe getting a couple of films to view on the cheap. Now all the films etc are trailers of the actual films and not the real deal. Am i looking in the wrong place or should i be looking else where?

  2. Becareful of the 3 strike rule, as in virgin and tiscali to name but two I.S.P'S who are watching file size's on peer to peer filesharing, in saying that neither have dropped any customers yet its all talk, but you could always connet on to someone unsecured wireless network when after movies oops did i say that, then what would they do.

    I use emule and have done for yrs each to there own
  3. As said before be very carefull, there are lots of companies now looking at fining people that use the torrent network.

    Not that I would do it......

    But it might be worth looking at the following:-

    Peer Guardian -

    Then have a quick look at Pirate Bay -

    My "mate" has now moved away from the torrent network (he doesn't need a 16k fine) and he is now using the following:-

    with the following area to fine files:-
  4. Azureus/Vuze is well liked as a BT download client, but it's dependence on Java runtime (JRE) means that it's fairly bloated.

    Bitcomet is a good alternative, as is UTorrent.

    Plenty of great sites around to find torrents from, I recommnend or

    Bit Torrent P2P is not without its risk, as the nature of the client applications means that you have to share (seed) whilst you download. Peer Guradian is one good measure, another is to use an anonymising VPN to mask your IP address altogether. Steganos is highly recommended by many.

    Best to read up the subject before jumping in feet first, as there are risks attached to filesharing software, music, games, etc. As stated, you are sharing what you download with others whilst the download is in progress. This means you could be tracked by counter piracy operations such as Davenport Lyons, the BPI or FAST (see for info on those). You could also be downloading deliberately corrupted files (e.g. containing viruses).

    Not that I know anything about such things or would ever consider doing such a thing, but I understand that is popular with those who do.

    Take care
  5. Don't forget mininova as well which is quite good
  6. I think if you're going to pay for access to a filesharing service, you might just as well use a newsgroup orientated service which blows rapidshare right out of the water and for considerably less money. Newzbin for those who know what they're doing, usenext for beginners.

    Mininova is good, but they are under fire from the courts at the moment, and half their torrents have been filtered out. gets my vote as the best, after that, well, plenty others
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Very interesting. Been a while in development, must check that out
  9. Yip have to agree - Utorrent is good with a very small system footprint so uses minimal resources. It has all the features you could want just like Vuze. I found Vuze was very greedy on sys resources.

    www.mininova is a good work friendly torrent site i.e no porn adds or pop ups, just lists. Anyone aware of any other work friendly torrent sites out there?
  10. I use and transmission
  11. I sorry my friend is looking at going the usenet route next! But just getting my head round rapidshare has been a real eye opener!

    After the days of waiting for a torrent file to download, just to be able to click and have the film / game / cd in around 5 mins is amazing!
  12. Then you're going to be very seriously impressed with usenext :)
  13. Are you taking your criminal record and thus your wallet, in your hands using this stuff? Or is safe to use for por... Educational materials?

    FHM was recommending Rapidshare last year.

    Never tried any of the above as I dont know enough about computers to justify the risk of capture!
  14. Try BitLord, its big over the pond