Bit quiet on a Tuesday!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bits, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. Just realised this place is virtually dead on a Tuesday evening. That must mean most of you are out playing green.

    What do you find are the advantages and disadvantages of the day of the week your unit trains? Does it affect recruitment in any way? Do you have to make any compromises to fit your training evening into your personal life?
  2. Every day is bad. Mon is too close to the weekend. Tuesday is still too close to the last weekend and too far to the next, Wednesday is a rest day being the middle of the week and midway between weekends, whilst Thursday is too close to the next weekend and on Friday, I'm there anyway.

    Why do we have drill nights?

    Do you know why they are called drill nights?
  3. Televised sports is a problem. I used to get narked that all the best military related crap was on Tuesdays (Soldier Soldier etc) but now we get the European football on Tuesdays. Wednesdays may be a better drill night as most football is only on Sky
  4. I've never called them drill nights, and always insisted that my lads call them training evenings. To the uninitiated (i.e. all our potential recruits) 'drill night' makes it sound like we spend all our time marching up and down. Sounds daft, but that's the preconception.
  5. Though drill nights are when you practice your drills. Conversely, why are drill instructors so called when they only teach marching?
  6. I thought drill night was an old term harking back to ye old days of the volunteers when u turned up and practised rifle drill and drill.
  7. it was - and then after a bit, they all went down the pub - sounds like a great retention policy to me.
  8. In my neck of the woods, whatever we choose to call our Tuesday (or whatever day) evenings, the locals call it Drill Night and it's held at the Drill Hall!

    Mind you, the newer buildings seem to be called the 'xxxxx Armoury'.

    Slightly off-topic but it shows you that things are slooooowww to change and there is a collective memory that goes way back in many of our units
  9. Training nights? Do we still have them?

    Oh I forgot we had them, as most people seem to turn up at 9 o’clock in a suit saying they had dramas at work!
  10. Ours is a tuesday....

    Doesn't really affect my lifestyle as such, like mentioned above, sometimes you miss the footie but you can catch it later.....Apart from that very minor issue, nothin else.....

    Just plod on...