Bit of trouble, need advice

Heyup lads and ladies,

im off on monday and havent got a health insurance card, im going to order one now and get it sent to me next week. Will this be a problem?

also, ive got my NHS nomber but havent got my NHS card? whats the score with that?

i know i should of had this squared away but Nan's been ill and ive been with her before she goes into K therapy due to her cancer. - just thoght id put that in there if you thort i was being an unorganised twat lol.

Thanks for this, MT.
Not really the place to ask, but don't worry. Read all your joining instructions to the letter, and if there's anything you need, the admin guys ought to sort it out as there are bound to be others in the same boat.
Top stuff cheers lads, and thanks upyor sonny, will do.

Its not a major issue so no need to panic...just ask your Doctors surgery to put it down on a peice of headed paper and take that with and when you get the card then that will be fine.......main things are Birth cert, passport and most importantly your NI card (if you want paying) Your Recruiter will of sent most of the stuff he has on you anyway after you did your Oath at the ACIO.
yeh good stuff, i just dont want to be an admin case. Allyness saves lives lol. do you know why we need a european health insurance card?

yeh mate, ******* quality, i hope its just not me whos on a hype about this lol.


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