Bit of training advice required.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by syguy, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been training since May 2011 to join the infantry and could do with a few pointers on my training if people could spare a few mins.

    Background / Health Info

    I just turned 31 mid september and I am currently 17 stone (have lost 5.5 stone since May 2011 - yes I was a fat cnut but hard work, good diet and motivation to succeed is working quite well), I wanted to join the army for years but kids, complaceny and a lack of self motivation meant that I never carried it out, May 2011 I decided that I didn't like my current career and that I had to take charge, sort myself out and have a crack at it before I got too old and spent the next 40 years or so regretting what I could have done.

    I am exercising about 4 times per week (schedule listed below). My diet consists of low fat, low carb, high protein (mainly chicken, tuna, wholegrains, tons of veg and plenty of water - no alcohol, fizzy pop, quit cigs 6 months ago, no chocolate/fastfood - you get the idea).

    Weekly Workout Schedule

    Mon: Rest
    Tue: 1 Hour Circuit Training (Core, Pressups, Situps, Padwork, TRX etc)
    Wed: 20 Mins HIIT - 60/60 6kph - 13kph, 30 Mins Cycling
    Thur: 1 Hour Circuit Training (Core, Pressups, Situps, Padwork, TRX etc)
    Fri: Rest
    Sat: 5K Run (AM) - 1 Hour Circuit Training/Pad Work (PM)
    Sun: Rest

    My running is coming along reasonably well considering I couldn't do shit before and I can now run 5K (currently running it in about 32mins - yes heffer speed but it's getting better)

    I do a weights sessions every other week instead of one of the circuit sessions (maybe this needs increasing?)

    Things i am struggling with

    Pressups - The quantity of continuous pressups I can bang out is quite poor, I can probably bang out about 20-30 continuous in 2 mins but the biggest problem is that I struggle to perform them in what I believe is the military style (utilising triceps, a close hand-stance with elbows to the rear) and I only seem to be able to manage what I can now by performing them with a wider stance with elbows to the side, my main concern here is that these will be counted as incorrect form. I guess that doing more will result in improved quantity but I would rather do the correct form so any advice here would be appreciated.

    Running - Carrying my 17 stone lardy arse about is obviously a detriment to my running and I don't expect to be hitting Para or Infantry run times for a while yet, my 1.5 is about 14 mins based off my last 5k run, I haven't tried doing an exact 1.5 miler for a while as didn't see the point in aiming for 'just 1.5m' as obviously I need to exceed that requirement. I am wondering whether it's worth banging 3-5k runs in, first thing in the morning on either rest days or on exercise days also.

    Pullups - Can't do one without an assist machine at the gym, too much lard and not enough strength - working on this currently, can't think of any suggestions really other than increase weights to build strength and lose weight.

    Any suggestions on how to improve / what to add would be appreciated

  2. Give up, you're too old to make a decent career in the inf. Look at other trades instead.
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  3. I was 17 stone, (been out a bit now) and booked myself on the Tough Guy (winter, not the pussy summer one!) I found that drinking a pint of water when I got up (or shove a vit C tablet in it) did help - Its supposed to get your metabolic rate going for the day. I managed to lose about 1 & 1/2 stone over 3 or 4 months, then it went a bit quiet! My mum of all people said to keep pushing, things hit a wall and carry on. It took about 2 months, but then the weight finally dropped down to 14st. I could lose more, but can't arsed at this moment in time!
    Trying going on mens health website/ magazine, they tend to have a lot of little tips on there. Plus some very good short excersies to do, maybe only 15-20 mins a day, great little workouts.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the replies

    Danny: I'm not sure that any other trade appeals to me although I am not that clued up on many (if any) of the others, being in a combat role is what I would like to do but what trades do you think suit the older guys going in ?

    ex donkey: Thanks for reply, I'll see if there is anything extra on those sites that I can fit in during the day, I'm thinking some additional running / exercise in the morning can only be a good thing as long as I don't over do it.
  5. Might mean CVR(T) or MBT - Tankies instead of Inf.
  6. you make think you'd enjoy it now - but in 9 yrs you'll be 40 and potentially only just get a look at your 2nd stripe. Guys your age will be RSMs & CSMs - you'll still be getting dicked with block jobs.

    Depending on your level of education you may wish to look at one of the more cerebral trades that will make use of your motivation and life experience.
  7. Hi Danny,

    If we're talking about paper quals, my GCSE's aren't that hot (combination of D.E.F) and no college but I am pretty switched on as my normal job is as an IT Engineer (install servers, clusters and other techy crap) but I can't see myself doing this for years to come, the pays good (more than the army would provide for a long time) but there is zero job satisfaction in what I currently do hence my looking at joining the army. I appreciate your point regarding where I would be in years to come and will definitely have a think about it as it is something I hadn't considered before.
  8. try running more, thats all you will do in depot. jib the weights, stick to bodyweight stuff. maybe some deadlifts at a push to keep you back strong.
  9. then you should prob look at techy type trades within RSigs
  10. think about adding in a fat burning run, about 90 mins running at a pace you could theoretically still hold a conversation making sure your breathing is not too laboured, obviously don't run along chatting to yourself as you'll look like a tw@t and possibly get put in the loony bin