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Im Planning on joining the Signals in the Electronic Warfare regiment, and just wanted to see whether anyone has information they could give me on them.

Speaking with my brother who is in the Army, he says that signals can be a bit ballshit and treat the soldiers crap; but that they may treat 14th differently?

Any details like what they get upto without the pretty pictures and smiling faces that the MOD gives, would be greatly recieved.



Your a bit confused. Your referring to 14 Sigs which is the EW regiment where you could go as an EW Sys Operator.

Life in the Sigs is ok, back in barracks yup things can get a bit bullshitty but hey thats life in the army (what else you going to do?). On Ops its all about the job and as long as your all over your admin then you will be fine.

There is much more info on the Sigs forum so take a look there.

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