bit of info please - pole diameter of clansman 5.4m mast?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by wireless_barf, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. I know this is old kit, but im hoping to pick up a couple of these 5.4m mast kits surplus,

    can anyone tell me the diameter of the poles? Im guessing 2" but ive never used one myself so can only go on a rough guess from what ive seen

  2. On the offchance you dont get a reply

    Try your local TA signals unit (on the off chance they have military eqpt)
  3. from what I remember, it'll be slightly bigger than that, even the 5.4M ones were sturdy affairs, and the 8M masts started at the bottom at about 6", so without having one to hand i'd estimate the 5.4M mast was surely about 3.5 - 4".
    what the hell do you want one for you fruit????
  4. Unless you need a movable mast, don't bother with them.

    If you are just hamming it up in your backgarden just make one.

    You can manufacture a much better mast out of one or two tubes of aluminium, the more tubes the less the strength etc.
  5. 5.4 being the sectional fibreglass. Pole Diameter is approx 38mm. Go and do a search for Clansman on eBay and you'll find a seller up Wakefield way, who sells surplus Clansman - give them a call if you need a precise measurement and they'll take a tape measure to one for you.

    Creepy, I think you've over estimated a bit. If the bottom of the 8m mast is 6", your missus is being kind to you!
  6. cheers fellas,

    yes i need a portable solution for ham radio use on hilltops (SOTA for you hams out there) (its not for any pervy or walty use!)

    im looking at various options, but these seemed a good move since all the kit comes as one, guys, rings etc, whereas most other solutions you get the poles (either ali tube or fibreglass fishing poles) but you then have to source all the other malarky yourself

    the idea is to mount small(ish) VHF beams (up to 6 element 2m or so) and HF wires, for portable hilltop use and special event stations.

    i might end up grabbing one from the fella in wakey (just wish he'd agree to a collection so i could save the postage!) to give it a go
  7. yep 38mm sounds about right. Never touched one as RSigs, made my rad op use it when I was a mortar section comd. Very useful mast, great with EKGS

    Where abouts in Wakey is this surplus place???
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. steaks? :D

    I accepted defeat in the postage wars and ordered one from the fella on ebay, even with his postage costs hes cheapert han anywhere else.
  10. well, i got one, and apart from the bag being in the usual sh1te state, the kit looks ok.

    Now, at the risk of sounding like a right stupid mong, can someone tell me the correct way to put one of these together? The reason i ask, ive never done one of these before, and of the three guys supplied, one doesnt have a snap clip and tensioner, but something like a rubber loop for over the pole and a toggle. Is the idea that this one goes over the pole and the toggle attaches to the guying ring, in order to stop it spinning around? Also, it came with 5 pegs, i assume two of these are for securing the base?

    is there an instruction pamphlet for this anywhere?

    any hints on cleaning the bag up?
  11. Vague memories of this mast are that you use the lid of the bag section as your base plate. You should have 6 guys(2 on each cruciform), all with a toggle which fits onto the guy plates and the loop end(adjuster) goes to the 3 pegs that are fitted with a wire and spring clip assembly.
    I can't remember which section the 1st guy plate goes onto, but I'm sure you'll work it out. If you get really stuck, PM me or give Racal a call. They are based in Southampton.
  12. interesting. can you confirm that there should be 6 guys? this kit has only come with 3, and if there should be 6 i will get onto him as its sold as 'complete'
  13. seems i may be wrong. Between me, an ex 14sigs fella i work with, and several other colleagues, we came up with a copy of the PRC320 user manual, with diagrams of the kit and its setup instructions. Looks like there are 6 guys with the kit, but paired up on 3 formers. I'll confirm this when i check the kit tomorrow.

    at least i didnt send an email tearing one off the seller yet!
  14. Empty the bag, you should have (again from memory):

    x5 fibreglass sections.
    x2 mast / toggle/guy rings
    x3 top guys
    x3 lower guys
    x3 pegs

    Assemble the mast, insert the toggle/guy rings between sections 2 and 3 and at the top.
    Attach the top guys and the lower guys to the toggle guy rings (don't get 'em the wrong way around)!
    Stake the pegs in 120 degrees apart, with one peg (peg 1) being in line with the mast.
    You can now do a rough adjustment of the guy lengths and attach the top and lower guys to pegs 2 and 3 (make sure you take up enough slack to support the mast as it goes up.
    As mentioned above, the bag's lid acts as the baseplate, once in postion, you can then take up the slack in the two remaining guys and walk back to peg 1. Keep the mast straight, attach the top and lower guy, and then adjust the other guys as required.

    Now shuffling away, cursing a certain Furry Ferrigan and a freezing cold February morning in Chattendean for such clear recollection!