Bit of Honesty

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. From time-to-time I get a "Meet Your Messenger" email from MSN. One came today and showed some startling honesty, either that or the 'lady' concerned has spent a good deal of time with the Army!

    Have you ever met any truly honest women?

  2. The perfect'double bagger' :lol:
  3. You could have at least posted her msn ID FFS....................
  4. I can't believe that your Mum changed her screenname and profile before removing you....schoolgirl error! :D
  5. Nothing wrong with that lady.
  6. Right up the dirtbox - dry anal.. No dramas there
  7. Has someone gripped her by the ankles and dipped her in with the boiling crabs?.I know its Friday 13th n'all but thats ruined my thrapping for at least the next 5 mins.Cheers Markingtime you rotter. :D
  8. What happened to the NSFW warning?
  9. Well, surely that depends on where you work?
  10. It makes no difference where you work.That needed a warning!
  11. The photo doesn't show on the MoD system I'm using.
  12. Come on, admit it, you've had worse, I know I have.
  13. I have and her mum
  14. So where does one get a meet your messenger email?