Bit of help please

Morning all. After 3 years of being a bum, I have now finally got myself a job, decent fitness level, and general motivation to do stuff, and finally to actually try and join the Army most importantly (almost joined last year and was doing very well in the app process, but fudged my ankle so had to pull out). I have finished my Icebreaker, found all the info on Basic and whatnot, just a little bit stuck on one tiny bit. Need info on 2 Rifles! just a brief summary of what they are up to at the mo really. I can only find where they are based at, that they were last in Afghanistan in 09 taking over from the RM and other than that just info on a few poor blokes who have been killed. Unfortunately can't find that much info on them that I think will be relevent. Alot of what I have found is old stuff.

Just need to know things like:
When they are next heading off to Afghanistan
Have they been doing any training abroad to any fancy named countries lately
just general info with some relevance that I can use in my interview.


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