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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ultirian, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. After reading this stupidly stupid post I am now very confused and even more anxious about my situation:

    Yes another awol.

    I started looking to join when I was 17 a care leaver and basically living in sheltered housing as the care system couldn't find me a bedsit. joined not really thinking it through properly but I run out of choices at that point (I don't think most people that age can think it through fully. done about 1.5-2 year not sure.)

    I myself done training (loved training felt like I was going somewhere) and then went to my unit, as soon as I got to my unit it all went to shit I got accused of not reading standing orders while I was still "Green" and was awoken with a punch in the mouth by some underling of a prick of a NCO saying I did not read standing orders. Then it moved on to drunken NCO's coming in to our block waking up all us three and beasting us while they were drunk and probably getting some fun kick out of it, and then the mother load that basically made me think (Hay what the hell am I in the army for, to be a punch bag? you cant exactly return punches to rank can you?) Was when us three was awoken again, in our first couple of months there and lined up in the hall by the SAME NCO guy to the left of me was punched in the face guy to the right headbutted while his drunked NCO mate watched and by some amazing luck of the draw he decided that I looked like a "dodgy ******" so he didnt hit me?

    Well after that I thought that there was not much point me being there started getting grief even from the RMP He said to me "Your going to go awol I know it" Cheers for that if we hook up let me buy you a drink so I can stick it in your face add glass.(Yes I am angry at him) all the time every day only time I felt like I was doing something worthwhile was when I was doing Tabs BFT runs and what not. Fire strikes kicked in got attached to a company who I hardly knew, Isolation effect kicked in. After We finished the fire strikes I got a weeks leave picked up my bags and I left

    but thats basically has kept me away for four years, but let me tell you this its been four years of hell, just for anyone who is thinking of becoming awol for whatever reason you should really not do it. Did I enjoy looking over my shoulders every day? no. Was it fun when you was working in a bar and one of your Sergent's wander up to the bar and clock you? No. is it good having to keep a low profile and not risk driving because you will eventually get stopped by the police? No. Is it fun starting University but subconsciously not being able to finish it as you think the RMP are catching up with you? God damn it no and finally working in London and having serious anxiety attacks from underlaying problems (going awol for so long, takes its toll)

    Its been so long now and quite frankly I am so fed up of the bull that comes with looking over your shoulder all the time and 2 days from now I will be taking my self to face the music (need to get everything in order first)

    So now my rant is over I would like to find out in a no-nonsense sense what are the chances of me soldiering on? If I explain my story as I have told you what do you think would come of it? I would prefer a lack of flames just some sound advice.

  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I can't really offer you any advice based on experience of a situation like yours, but I suspect your analysis is correct in that you cannot move on with your life until you have squared yourself away with the Army.

    If you want to resume your army career I hope it works out for you, if that's not to be then I wish you good luck with whatever does come your way.
  3. Four years is a long time to be AWOL, but I won't speculate as to the chances of you soldiering on, however, we have recently had a lad return from MCTC after getting 28 days and soldier on. He had been AWOL for a couple of months, but came back, explained why he had done it and is now being allowed to re-trade.

    So it is possible, but as BuggerAll says you need to clear this from you record so you can at the very least move on with your life.

  4. I find some aspects of the OP difficult to believe..
  5. fingers_1661 Do you mind?

    I am far from a "troll" I am just looking for some advice, is that wrong to do?

    The last post confused me a hell of a lot and the guy on there who was asking the questions was a twit and because of that people were answering him out of context. So kindly refrain from turning my legit question into a bitch fest.

  6. Chill fella, you've posted on here for advice, and in some cases people will give their opinion, simple...
  7. Why do you want to soldier on? What do you think will have changed about you or the Army that makes you think things will be better this time?
  8. I dont think the army will have changed all that much but I do know that I have changed a lot, Way more responsible then I was before and also not as afraid of many things that I used to be, Never was good with intimidation back when I was a youth. I just think after doing a lot of real life and growing up I may be able to get on. When I was that young I didnt know what I wanted and what I was all depends when I go take a march really. Setting off tomorrow afternoon as have almost everything back here squared away. I also think I will be able to stand up for myself a lot more then I used to be able to. I am starting to think its unlikely that I will be able to go back, if so thats a fair rap.
  9. I actually knew someone who went AWOL from the RE for two years, similar situation to yours. He too finally got fed up with being on the run so to speak and turned himself in. After serving 28 days he was able to re-badge into the Signals where he was much happier and ended up finishing his 9.

    Admittedly this was a while ago and attitudes may have changed, you could have to put up with the "you only left because of Iraq, Afghan etc, etc" attitude which could be a big obstacle to overcome.

    Overall, as posters above have said, you would end up far better off squaring things away with the Army before you move on with your life anyway.
  10. Ultirian,

    I think the post that you quoted was a wind-up and that was how it was considered by the cohort.

    Your post poses several questions that only you can answer; amongst them, do you really want to clean the slate? And do you want to rejoin or just sort out your affairs and move on?

    If you want to clean the slate (and I think you do), then I reckon you should contact your local SSAFA representative (number in the telephone directory). Talk to them - in total confidence. Then take it from there.

    Happy to discuss by pm, if necessary, but I am busy and might not immediately respond.

  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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  12. See edit.

  13. We recently had a guy return from AWOL after 4 years, he had changed his name and got a new life. But even he said that he was always looking over his shoulder. He had the same kinda problem you had he was 17 and wanted to DAOR (Discharge as of Right - Under 18's only) but was knocked back and told he couldn't do it as he had completed basic training. He was bullied in the block and treat like a "Crow" as they are called. because of JPA there was no record of him at all and everyone was pointing elsewhere for someone to build his JPA record. needless to say he buggered off AWOL again because he did not want to face MCTC ad he had been warned he would prolly get 6 - 8 months at least.

    Only advice I can give you is to return to your unit and face the music there m8, you will be interviewed by at least an OC and maybe the welfare, if you can name the guy(s) who were bullying you name them as bullying is only done my cowards who think they are "Big" men. There is a very fine line between bullying and charater building, and by the sounds of what you have said it was bullying as any act of physical voilence can not be allowed within the Army.

    If you do want to stay in let them know you want to carry on your career and it will be up to the CO of your unit to decide but if you sell it that you really want to stay in then im sure any CO worth his salt will agree.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.

    PM me if you want some more advice
  14. Thank you very much for the advice.

    I have managed to get everything sorted out today and I am saying my goodbyes, I am more then ready to do time if that is what is due of me, I will let them know and I will probabaly more then likely try and stay on if at all possible. If not then thats also a fair rap and do my time.

    Thanks again for the sound advice I really apreicate it.
  15. For the record I wish you well too & if this turns out to be true I dread what the Army has become.