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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by lineysgt, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody offer some advice please? My sister phoned me last night and informed me that she had been caught speeding a couple of months ago on the M6. She was doing 74 in a roadworks area that was down to a 50. My bro in law is the owner and on recieving the good news my sis declared she was driving and sent off her details. She attached a letter of circumstance explaining that it was 7 am in the morning and my mother had been rushed into hospital and she was en route to see her. She has now recieved a letter informing her that she has been found guilty and the case has been adjurned till next monday when she should attend court in Kendal (cumbria) when she lives in Plymouth (Devon). The letter said that a ban is likely and as she works for a reputable car hire company this will seriously effect her job. The company have written her a letter explaining this. I myself got caught doing 90 in a fifty on a motorway and recieved 3 points and a 50 quid fine and think that a ban is slightly extreme especially for a first offence. Should she attend the court or does anybody know if this letter is just standard or what she should expect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Doesn't sound standard mate, looks like they want to make an example of her, you sure she was only doing 74 mph?

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  3. Well, she know she should know better then shouldn't she?

    Doing that speed when those conclusions leads me to one conclusion only. You're a cnut. And you should've been banned.

    Sorry, but I've got no sympathy in this instance. I do hope your mum was okay but that doesn't explain away your sister's actions.
  4. perhaps a little harsh the_matelot.

    I would say that perhaps your sister could have been a little more "aware" of the repercussions of her actions. However, like all who get caught in breach of the law, she would need to bite the bullet.

    It is a sad occurance that your mother was unwell, however your sisters disregard of the law was based on the fact that she saw her mother as being more important than the law(as would I also).

    I would attempt to argue the mitigating circumstances in court and if all else fails, seek a new line of employment.

    Life is a b##ch! I would recommend playing the game or not get caught cheating and at any given opportunity seek revenge on any individual who could potentially inflict damage on any level to yourself in any position of authority that you could manipulate...

    (I am only bitter due to the fact that the papers are plastered with news of that copper who got away with speeding in excess of the speed limit that would have resulted in all other individuals receiving an immediate ban from driving.. CNUT!)
  5. Is it draughty up there on that pedestal?
  6. As the offence was committed in a road works section this goes from a mister meana traffic offence to a serious potentially criminal offence. Driving in such a manner to potntially cause serious injury etc. Driving with undue care and attention etc.
    If she has been summond to court and doesn't turn up she will likely be found guilty in her absence. A warrent is then likely to be issued for her arrest. Failing to show if summoned is contempt of court and as such is punishable with imprisonment.
    Basically get a decent brief, pleed guilty with mitigating circumstances... one who knows and has been there!!
  7. It is very drafty up here you know!

    But seriously, 50 limits usually are infested with speed cameras. You should know a lot better than to be caught doing almost double the speed limit....
  8. As one or two have said already, get a good solicitor, but may i also bring to your attention to the News story this week of the PC who got off for doing 156MPH on the M54, i would research the story in preparation and maybe have her solicitor us this in her defence !!!
  9. Hey, Salty, you would really boil your blood if you knew what I get up to on my Gixer....
  10. Oh I speed alright.

    Just not in built up areas or places where the probability of being caught by speed cameras is high!!! And I don't speed in built up areas.

    I've still been caught though.... :oops:

    But I got away with it!!!!!!!! :twisted:

    I've been knocked down as a kid and was lucky to walk away with my life due to a fcuker speeding in a built up area.
    It made me the man I am today (starts twitching)!
  11. Have you actually seen this letter.

    She may be relaying the info incorrectly.

    You may just find that because of the circumstances they are taking the matter to court so they can hear her out reference her mother. The ban is the maximum penalty they can give her, so they are saying that there is that possibility, not that that is what she is going to get.

    It may be getting taken out of context, courts always tell you the worst that may happen, not what they are pushing for.

    I can't see her being banned for 20mph over the speed limit, and have never heard of such a case.

    If she can prove her mother was rushed into hospital then ensure all evidence is taken to court. A letter from the hospital would definately be needed. They will not just take her word for it as they probably hear the story all the time.
  12. 1./ it could be a something like a 30 day ban

    2./ she needs to state her case especially the job aspect (a good soliciter is a must) and i'm sure there are cheap flights from bournemouth to newcastle.

    Speed cameras in road work zones on motorways are the big yellow type i'd take her to specsavers on the way to court
  13. Got done a fortnight ago on a motorway doing 74 in a 50, got 3 points and £60 fine.... yours seems rather light and ur sisters wrong.

    p.s. did the speed limit last night and pissed off all the other drivers
  14. Im sorry but 74 in a roadworks area that was down to a 50, IDIOTIC!!.

    Your sister better plead the mercy of the Court. Lets just hope she has a Magistrate who takes her mitigating circumstances into account.

    And remind her that the Traffic Politzia who attended the offence will be in Court too to give evidence. Possibly armed with in car cctv evidence.
  15. Really? How many road workers have been injured/killed by speeding cars.

    Speed limits don't indicate danger level, i.e. I travel at 20 mph in residential areas (speed limit 30 mph), I was done in a 50, I could have driven safely far far faster than that.

    Nobody takes speeding seriously, which is wrong, I'd prefer someone to be done for travelling 31 mph in a residential area rather than someone doing 74 on an empty motorway.

    p.s. since my speeding fine I've had my car broken in, front window smashed etc ...... crime doesn't pay for those that don't really commit offences