bit of advice on food suppliments please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hitthefloor, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. hey guys, was browsing food suppliments in holland and barrett the other day and was wondering if this one would fail any part of a cdt? (i have no knowledge on the subject, more curiosity than anything)

    Grenade Fat burner, best selling thermogenic. Grenade® 50 Calibre pre-workout; for explosive energy, strength and muscular pumps

    to make things easier here is the ingredients list, mostly natural:
    [TD]Green Tea[/TD]
    [TD]Bitter Orange Peel[/TD]
    [TD]Green Coffee[/TD]
    [TD]Other Ingredients;
    Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin Capsule, (Purified Water, Colours E133, E102 ,E129,) Titanium Dioxide[/TD]

    it isnt listed on the sports info page i have seen linked in stickies but their site FAQ says its safe to use within the british army, and being sold in holland and barrett i would guess has nothing illegal in it.

    and before anyone replies my diet is good and my fitness levels are good, but i would like to rock up to PH1 in the best condition i can. i also know many brand these a waste of money but like i said im curious.

    thanks in advance guys
  2. Use the search
  3. Free advice , throw all your expensive supplements in the bin as they have been proven not to work(the legal ones anyway) , save your money for fresh veg , fruit and lean meat , loads of all of it if you are training hard.
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  4. Good morning sir, I searched for grenade thermo detonator but had no results, well none relevant.
  5. I haven't purchased it, was just wondering if items like this would fail a cdt?

    Your free advice is valued and already in place :)
  6. My advice avoid supplements before ph1.. Your not going to get any during ph1 so why use them before hand.. If our fitness isn't an issue don't waste your money. As above just spend your money on fruit veg and lean meat - mix with a lot more traning - that'll help more
  7. Fail a CDT ? Shouldn't think so, all the top ingredients can be sourced through everyday (ish) foods and the 'other ingredients' are the bits that you need to make a capsule.

    Says a lot about the industry though, when an item called something as macho as "Grenade Fat Burner" contains bits of orange peel. Hey-ho.
  8. I cant believe people buy that shite but as the old saying goes........A Fool and His Money Are Easily Parted
  9. I think all it woud do is keep you awake and give you palpitations. Losing weight = diet+excercise.
  10. Are you an uber-athlete? Sure, take the supplements. If not, then stick with regular balanced diet. Increase water intake.

    steer clear away from those "lifestyle" energy drinks; they are utter bollocks. expensive sugary caffeine carbonated drinks.
  11. Caffeine is well tolerated by many people and is an effective central nervous system stimulant. Works well for many people, if you think it gives you an edge then go for it.

    You would probably get a similar effect if you had 2 espressos before your workout but this could well work out a lot more expensive.
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    Gents, the ingredients in Grenade 50 calibre along with other pre-workout have recently been clinically proven to work. Yes fitness improving is diet + exercise but this can improve exercise performance quite significantly. In a double blind test, improvements of up to 15% in compound movements and 12% endurance serials were seen. On a personal level, I also find that they work (the safe ones).

    All that said, don't use it before PH1. It becomes a dependence if you aren't careful and you'll put yourself in a worse position. The aim of training ought to be to simulate the environment you fight in, would you take pre workout before a contact or a CFT? I know I wouldn't.
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  13. Who did the scientific study ? what is their back ground ?
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  14. Don't tell fibs.
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