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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jimmybragg, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Evening all,
    im thinking of adding a bit of weight to my run its just want to know what people put in their bags as sand sounds likea bit of a dead weight and might put extra strain on the the lower back.

    cheers all
  2. Try running with some practical kit then, things like clothes in the bottom of your pack and water bottles in the top. Maybe throw in a couple of bricks at the top. I once ran with a steam iron in my pack. It wasn't really that good an idea as it wasn't heavy enough for the space it took up. BTW stones are deff a bad idea as they really hurt after the first couple of K's.
  3. Do not run with weights there is no training advantage at all.

    It may look hard and impress small boys but the doc will piss himself laughing when you tell him how you came by your stress fracture.

    I assume you are training for something perhaps entry into the army , if so work on your aerobic and cardio and forget the running with weights for now
  4. Top Tip: Carry useful kit. Things you might need. Sand is good for filling sandbags and going in the butts at the range.
  5. Polar69 is exactly right! Instead of running with weights, increase the length of your training runs. If, for instance, you're regularly doing five miles at the moment, increase that to seven or eight.

    If you ever have to actually run with weights at some time in the future, you'll find that the increase in endurance you achieve will far outweigh (excuse the pun) the dubious benefits from running with a rucksack full of stuff.

    By all means try running with a rucksack from time to time, just to get used to adjusting to the necessary rebalancing. But I'd recommend taping up your shoulders and back a bit first, just to be on the safe side.

  6. Don't misunderstand me , trianing with a bergan , ie tabbing ca have great benefits to endurance etc but thats tabbing not running, your posture changes between walking and running, movements are exaggerated when you run , your poise and gait are important. Most people when they carry a bergan with weight will lean forward to take the pressure off , do that on a run and the pressure to the knees and most lower limbs will increase resulting in injury.

    Horses for courses, not suggesting you carry a horse or course but if you are thinking of joining the cav........ :p
  7. I suggest that you turn it off first, less painful..... how many laps of your front room did you do???

    One word .... PEEnarrse
  8. I am am Ex APTC, and would mirror other comments made here, you would be better to steadily increase your distances for running, if you find that you are now running too far, increase your speed, therefore cutting down your time. You still will need to do some running with some sort of rucksac, because your running action will differ with weight on your back, and it would be a good idea to familarise yourself with that action.
  9. I was wondering why I had a big iron shape on my back! Note to self: Don't bother buying long extension lead.
  10. i wouldnt run with weight, could end up in more trouble than u bargained for! If anything, strengthen up your legs & Core muscles.
  11. All advice taken on board and appreciated

    cheers all