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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Higham13, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. Alrite lads. I have wanted to join the army for a few years now but just been finishin education off. I want to join the infantry and have organised a selection date. Passed the barb etc. Anyway, the only thing that puts doubt in my mind is the homesickness thing. How long does that feeling take to go away? And as of yet i havn't actually spoke to a modern day soldier. My grandad was in the army but obv it must of changed a lot in 50 years. Could a past or present serviceman shine some light on the advantages and disadvantages of being in the infantry please. Thanks.
  2. I'm going to sound like a recruiting ad now, but you'll be mixed with like minded inviduals (who'll be your best mates in no time) all working towards a goal and all going through the same things together. You'll still look forward to going home, but more than likely won't even think about being homesick.

    Good luck.
  3. cheers wot was the best part of being in the infantry then.and the worst
  4. You cant really define a best part, Its all fcuking gleaming!
    But if i had to, I'd say the piss ups!
  5. the best bit of being in the infantry is the fact that it has no comparable job in civvy street. yeah i know that sounds strange, but bear with me. it's a completely new angle on life and what you are expected to do. it doesn't prepare you/train you for just one particular job. as as an infantry soldier you will be expected to demonstrate a good level of skill in all the techniques necessary do to the job effectively. and there are plenty.

    homesick? naah not really. you'll be too busy.

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  6. i;m in week 10 at catterick now mate

    the 1st 2-3 weeks is the worst i reckon

    i don't get homesick at all now... i've come home this weekend and i'm bored!

    you have too much of a laugh to get homesick once you settle down, wish i stayed there this weekend for another mad 1 round darlington :p
  7. nice one for the help.made the decision a lot easier.see yas later
  8. I would ask all the Privates in the Infantry if they would get out today if they could, and I bet you the number would be well over 50%. Most of my mates would get out in a heartbeat. If you want to get treated like a child for the next 4 years the Infantry is the way to go, if you wanna see real trigger time the Infantry is probably also your best bet. Just think about it, 4 years is a long time, especially if you are under 18.
  9. I joined at 17, im now 18, and i love this sh*t. The only time i dont love this sh*t is when were doing PT or something hard, which is exactly the same as any other lads life in civvy street. Everything bad here is 10 times worst than civvy street, but everything good is 100 times better.
    Where else do you get to see and do this stuff? 4 years is nothing in terms of how many years you should be working overall. Atleast start recruit training, if your 17 you can get out whenever you want untill your 18 anyways.

  10. I'm an old fecker, and look back on my service through rose tinted beer goggles, but young man you have summed up a soldiers life. What a fcucking great strap line for a recruiter!! :thumright:
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Where do you serve, how long have you been in & how old are you ?
  12. Your an obvious example of the shite the Infantry is currently recruiting!
    You bring shame upon me and the Combat arm you serve in!!
    No wonder the army is becoming what it is?
    I'm a keen 21 year old L/Cpl i wouldnt give this 'shitty' job up for anything!
    Theres a few things that seperate us from 3 UK Civ Div!
    You don't work alongside your mates, you work alongside your brothers!
    You don't drink alongside your mates, you drink alongside your brothers!
    You don't fight alongside your mates, you fight your brothers! (because occasionally too they can get fcuking annoying) but they'll give you a fcuking kicking back!
    Ultimately the guy's you work, live sleep, eat and train alongside will always be there for you!
    Goood luck in whatever you do, If you choose the infantry you'll have made something for life :D
  13. I only spent four years in the Royal Anglian Regiment, but all my best experiences were in those short 4 years (1979-83), and mates that are second to none and would put their lives at risk, to help other comrades.

    I personally would,nt change anything about my time in, every day is a totally different day, now i,m sounding like a recruiter! lol
  14. Well said indeed, numbered_3! What nobody seems to have mentioned is that although "homesickness" will rear its ugly head, you'll always have your muckers (who are experiencing much the same) to fall back on. That's something you simply don't get in civvie street. At least not in that intensity.

  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I reckon Tiger22 is a one post wonder, either a civvy who's seen too many films or a Basics failure.

    If the latter, he's obviously deluded himself to believe he's above being instucted better qualified men, and that all Inf are dim as a Toc-H lamp. He'll not be able to answer the questions.