Bit of a long shot....

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Yarco, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Im going to Pirbright on tuesday for selection. My first job choice is Armoured Engineer, could anyone tell me if there would be an opening anytime soon??

    any feedback much appreciated!
  2. The pie shop will be opening soon, that and a large super size pack of naafi bourbons!!!

    Only kidding!! Hehehe
  3. Yeah because your really encouraging me to join your corps with your adult remarks!!
  4. OK I didnt mean to come across like a d*ck head and I understand that its not up to you guys to recruit! But It looks to me like a lot of people on the forum really do need to grow up! I dont mean to sound like a c*ck but I get that impression thats all!

    Why sit at a PC just to act like children?? I thought the army was meant to turn you lot into men!!

    Thanks Everyone!
  5. It takes a real man to act like a child,

    But when a child tries to act like a man he soon gets found out,

    Take that on board before you start you're basic training, it will serve you well.
  6. LOL! I Like that statement!!! hahaha

  7. I'll also suggest reading thru the threads regarding fieldies/armd farmers/planties to see where this humour comes from.
    You will learn alot from the banter and pish taking that goes on, take it with a pinch of salt, and like everyone else has pointed out like it or lump it!
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Have you spoken to the Corps recruiting team to ask them? Links, email address etc in the announcement section above? They will know the exact answer - better that than getting half-arssed info from people on here.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Thread edited to delete meaningless crap.

    Fellas - this bloke wants to join our Corps. Yes it IS our job to encourage him.
  10. Dear Esteemed Moderator...

    I agree with you but it is via the posts on here that we can educate the young ones to the 'sense of humour' that they will encounter in our illustrious Corps and the Military as a whole.

    I remain your obedient servant


    p.s. All the best to the young ones joining our Corps.
  11. It does and once you've joined , got yer knees brown and turned into a man you'll say "Yikes" did I post that :D

    Mind you you could have joined a decent Corps like REME :wink:
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Thanks Geordie. Nice to be treated with esteem!!
  13. The first thing to do Yarco old bean, is to observe whats going on around you, listen to whats being being said, and shut the feck up... thats in Training, in your first unit and in every single unit after... no one likes a gob on legs.

    Even at the dizzy hieght of full screw when I got to a unit I kept my mouth shut until I got the lie of the land, the calibre of the people around me... then I gobbed off big style :)

    What you deem to be childishness is indeed a superb sense of humour and the marvellous ability to remain mentally 18 and at the same time be more mature than you would know... ENJOY THE CORPS SON!

    PS. ignore anything said by members of the REME they are a poor and unloved lot of lepers, whom we try to help and encourage, they tend to talk nonsense and dribble rather a lot, just look on them as a spastic relative, whom you have to tolerate but would rather euthanise... and remember their capbadge is funny and squiggly!
  14. LOL as usual this post as developed into nothing to do with the original question. suprise suprise.
  15. Not being an armoured farmer, I imagine that you'll do basic, do phase 2 (combat engineering) and then get attached as a SATT to your future unit whereupon you'll gain a quick bit of experience before going to Bovington to do a bit of tank trashing..

    Speak to these guys if none of the farmers will jump to your aide on here.

    My first POC would be the courses clerk here:

    Who may be able to shed some light possibly

    Oh and before you get to basic (and definately an armoured unit) lose the sarcasm... :wink:

    Yarmouth eh... Support Norwich or Ipswich?