Bit of a grumble over in Septic land...


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Also funny!!

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next year’s Soldier of the Year will be: Everyone. Every single soldier in the United States Army will be Soldier of the Year. The details haven’t been worked out yet how every soldier, to include officers will receive the trophy and commendations that usually go with winning Soldier of the Year, but the basic plan is that everybody’s been doing such a good job, that they want to reward, well pretty much everyone.


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its the US army so every one gets a medal for taking part and promotion all around.

didn't one of blairs advisors head that way? it sounds like his work
It'll be a bit of a bugger the year after though, when there's only one winner. The rest will think they've fucked up and get a right old munk on.
What a fucking joke this is. Recognition for being warm and having a pulse. Dare I bring up the Jubilee Medals here? And the article had it wrong. Technically it is the National Defense Service Medal and is abbreviated in official records as NDSM. And, yes, I got one, too, just for doing my job.

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