Bit of a break

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RoyalEngineers, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Okay guys, i'm off to Greece tomorow for 2 weeks so you could call it a pause in my PERSONAL training.. Kebabs and alcohol go well together (apparently).. cya in 2 weeks on the 4th of October if I don't get mugged or anything :D

    I'll try to keep up with the excercise though :wink:
  2. Have a good one!
  3. OI OI!!!

    where you think youre goin sunshine?????

    insult me and run!! i think not!!

    :D :D

    have a good one chief. 8)

    EDIT: for exceptionally monged spelling.
  4. One last one: ginger ninja you make me cringe-r? Lol.. I have to get up at 2am.. BUG OUT!
  5. Emm don't get burnt i don't mean sunburn either. :p
  6. HA! I'm on a different island to mainland :lol:
  7. Hey, have a nice one. Drink lots of beer!