Bit Naughty?

Just browsing a few sights when I came across some cnut on a website posted footage of the IRA pulling
the two royal signals lads out of the car at that funeral and excecuting
them. He then tried to justify it by claiming it was a retaliatory attack
because the SAS shot those 3 whoppers in Gibraltar,
Heress my replies:

1) I fear I must defend the actions of the british foces here. The reason
the SAS didnt arrest the 3 terrorists in gibraltar was because the
troopers in question were not able to determine whether the bomb, that the
three fenian cvnts had planted, was to be triggered by a timer or remote
controll. Consequently the SAS were briefed if that upon aprehension the
suspects did not comply instantly, or made any attempt to reach inside
clothing or apparel for a remote trigger then they were to be neutralised.
Which is exactly what happened. Lets not forget, the fuckers had planted a
bomb to murder an army marching band full of innocent people, and got what
they fvcking deserved.

Oh BTW, Farrell was killed from a headshot. she was a moving target and
was killed from a range of appx 10 - 15 meters with a pistol. A great

2) Listen Crashman and Dokdeath. Dont bother trying to pass your pro IRA
brainwashed opinions onto us. How fvcking black and white can it be?, If
they were not in gibraltar planting a bomb, they wouldnt have been shot
would they? And Dok, you are not the only one who has lived through "this
shit" so before you start crying, decide whether what you belive in, the
hatred spawned, the lives and families destroyed was all worth it?, Gerry
Adams and Fattty fvcking Mcguinness must of spat their coffie out goodstyle
on 9/11. Thats why the shitty remains of their republican army are fvcking
robbing banks and dealing drugs now.

Way to go lads.................

Nice comment about the liverpudlian / dole / unemployed scenario
Crashmong, no really, .....really original. Maybe I can eat my dole money
when you lot are starving to death on a wholesome diet of

Dont know how accurate I was in terms of the exact details I stated as its been years since I read up on the whole episode, but I just thought Id give em my pennies worth and see if I got a "bite" from the W@nkers

I agree bigsouth 1981 Woods and Howe were bothe collegues of mine. May thet rest in peace. As for the fickers that did it an eye for eye Taig ficks.

:D :D Wise words bigsouth

I'm only sorry that there were not other players that could have been slotted that day. Good men in british army uniform have died for their country while PIRA scum live in relative comfort in prison. :evil: :evil:

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