Bit Map

Open in Microsoft Paint, click SAVE AS and select JPEG from the SAVE AS TYPE drop down box :wink:
YUp, just open the bitmap image in most useful image editing software, click File, Save As and select JPEG.

You lose some image quality with the compression to the new file format, but it will still look OK.
When I click Save as the only thing that comes up is Bit Map. Not very good at this sort of thing as you can gather!
Ahhhh, for a second there I thought you were referring to my old local :(
Download it is free and very good you can open all different types of image and save as whatever you like.
If you want to that is I'm not being pushy or anything. ;)


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Or just ping it to me by PM and I'll do it.
Presumably you mean it is a B&W 1 bit image?
Therefore you can't save as a JPEG in that colour space.

You need to change the colour space from 1 bit B&W to at least 8bit 256 colours or better still just make it an RGB (24 bit) image, that will then save as a JPEG.
jack-daniels said:
Cheers everyone, sussed it now, took my time though!

Extended lunch in The Globetrotter? :wink:
It had gone all girly and renamed itself when I was based at Aldershot, still wouldn't go in on my own though 8) :wink:

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