Bit light on the gongs front there Biggles ?


With due respect to Persec, hows lofty Crab features here (you need to scroll down about a 3rd of the page) licked up the chain without a single deployment to his name ???

BTW the rest of that thread a milphots needs carefull scrutiny theres over 200 pages, I am so in the wrong mob ;)


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And how come he's wearing one ribbon and one medal? Surely either both medals or both ribbons?
By the way girls in the front rank. Excellent job of dressing off !
He's the Commandant of RCDM; the decoration is the CBE and he is indeed wearing it around his neck, though rather loosely. I suspect that he didn't deploy because after working in various military hospitals (remember them?), he was on exchange with the USAF, and subsequently was CO at MDHU(P), then CO of the RAF Centre for Aviation Medicine.
? Typical trench dodging, oxygen thief of an airman - discuss! :twisted:

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