Just looking for some infomation on the format for the BIT/DIT Cse.

I did my BIT Cse back in 1998 and have since lost all notes etc. It now also changed to the DIT cse.

I am due to attend another Cse which has the requirement for BIT/DIT and have forgot everything i learnt. Also i have no access to Intranet.

Has anyone got hand outs/ material which could help me in any way.

Thanks in advance for any help,
I done DIT so i could attend some instructional courses, however alot of courses still run on BIT or have lesson formats for you to use.
just finished my dits last weekend.

didnt do bits, but apparently its mostly the same. i think the main change is that its no longer politically correct to have a formal test at the end of a lesson because all the retards who havn`t been payin attention will get disheartened when they fail!!. instead you just have to ask a few questions around the class.

loada bollox if you ask me!!!

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