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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben0239, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. I have lost my BIT course certificate, that i obtained from 160bde, i now need this certificate for my next promotion. Does anyone know the contact details for 160bde, or does anyone know how i can get another BIT course certificate.
  2. Have you got your Clerk to check your UNICOM print? All courses should be entered on that, so a copy of the print out should suffice as proof of holding the qualification.
  3. Still on the subject of DIT/BIT, but a different question. (Without having to start a new DIT/BIT thread. :sleepy: )

    Has anyone got the contact details for DCTS, (Defence Centre of Training Support.) preferably an email address.

    The reason that I would like to contact them is to confirm whether or not DIT/BIT qualifies you for BTEC Advanced Certificate in Presentation and Demonstration Techniques?
  6. I still have had no look getting hold of 160 bde, is there any other way i can get a replacement certificate,
  7. try these numbers matey: 95237 6451/6535/6376 for DCTS
    and the courses are on the Intranet on the DCTS website

    hope this helps
  8. See your PMs