Bit confused as to how the whole regiment/battalion thing works.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by CJohnson, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Title says it all really. I've looked for threads on here and done my research but I just can't get my head around how regiments and battalions work.

    You can call me a thick **** all you like, I'm well aware of it.

    All I know is I've got my ADSC at the end of next month, and I want to be light infantry.

    I know I have to make a decision on which regiment I want to join, but it's so bloody confusing.

    Any links to threads or webpages would be appreciated. Or an explanation in your own words.

    Cheers in advance
  2. [wah off]
    British Army Structure - British Army Website

    Corps & Regiments - British Army Website

    Infantry Regiments - British Army Website

    LI no longer exists, it is now part of The Rifles The Rifles - British Army Website [/wah on]
  3. So to be LI my regiment choice is already made for me?
    What difference does my battalion choice make then?
  4. The Regiment is what capbadge you wear (The Rifles if you wish to join what was the LI).

    The Battalion is one of several which make up The Rifles. I'm not sure how much choice the infantry give over which battalion you go to but if you want to know what each Rifles bn does then there's an overview of the regiment here
  5. As a matter of interest for the infanteers on here - what do the Mech battalions drive round in (when not in Afghanistan) now? Is it still the 43/Bulldog?
  6. I took his preference for light infantry to be light role infantry. He struck me as being so extremely thick that I didn't really want to point him towards The Rifles.
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  7. I've been looking at all infantry regiments and it seems that my only option is to go for the rifles. My other options would have been mercians and fusiliers but because my 1st choice is light roll, the only battalions available to me are based in germany or cyprus.
    I'm doing my best not to be picky, but I really would like to be based in the UK.
  8. I don't think i'd mind moving in a few years once i've settled in. I just think for now it's best that I stay home.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to explain things to me.
  9. Then the Army may not really be the career you're looking for.
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  10. I meant based in the UK. I don't mind being away.
  11. If you are joining the Infantry then you can't really choose what role you'll be in. The only way to guarantee light role Infantry is to join the Paras (who have three battalions, all light role [no-one get clever about SFSG]) or the Royal Irish, Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, or Welsh Guards (all single battalion Regiments in the light role).

    All other Regiments have several Battalions in several roles. If you do join the Rifles you could end up in 5 Rifles who are armoured. Other examples; 1 PWRR are armoured, 2 PWRR are light role, 1 Royal Anglian are Mech (although currently light role, keep up), 2 Royal Anglian are light role.

    You'll join a Regiment and they'll send you to the Battalion where you're needed. That may be light role or armoured.

    As an aside the Light Infantry, a Regiment now subsumed into the Rifles, had two Battalions at the point of amalgamation. 1 LI were armoured, 2 LI were light role.

    Regiments aren't deployable Units or Formations. The constituent Battalions are spread about the Brigades of the Army. All the Battalions of the Regiment share are traditions (dress, battle honours, piss ups, marches, songs) and they manage personnel across the Regiment. It is fairly usual as an Officer to move between Battalions within the Regiment.

    I worked with the Yanks for a while. They couldn't grasp the Regimental system (although clearly they were in awe of my phenomenal head dress) until one of them nailed it as: "a military frat house".
  12. Best bit of input I've had BedIn. Thanks for that, really appreciate it.
  13. Duly thick ****.
  14. Why are you doing all the donkey work for this cnut?....out of politeness/decency?.....he is taking the pi55.

    If he was that fecking bothered he would have sat next to the pc, done some research and made notes...then could have asked questions after his own efforts failed to produce the answers.

    Lazy thick cnut.....

    Know's enough about 'Light Rolls' to want to do that as a job ...but not enough about Modern Regts?.......wah senses tingling.

    As mentioned in another post, I'm not that sure the Rifles need a cnut like this.......they have enough already.

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