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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lazymedic, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. I am on my soap box here, this has been on my chest for a while and my girlfriend tells me i am being sensitive. I am a student who endures the anti war talk in the union. However the cnuts keep dressing up as soldiers on ther nights out and at the student union fund raising activities where the public give them money, I have voiced my opinion to the union staff but the reply is not what you would call intelligent or well informed what to do arssers ...
  2. How old are you?
  3. Get uber screeched up and windmill into them.

    I reckon you'll get 9 or 10 good shots in before you go down.

    Think of the glory.

    do it
  4. Twenty fcuking eight?! When you said 'student' I was picturing a lil blonde emo. Fcuk off you c0ck-teasing breeder! *disappointed fume* :evil:
  5. Dressing up as soldiers?

    You mean short haircuts, shite tattoos with spelling mistakes, desert wellies, old jeans and regimental t-shirt? The height of squaddie-chic. Combine this with a grotty kebab, a wet patch from where you temporarily lost bladder control and a fat bird and you've got the perfect disguise, guaranteed to blend right in in whichever garrison town you might find yourself in.

    Seriously though, just follow the previous poster's advice and pile in windmilling.
  6. I can dress up, but i must warn you i have a lot of stubble
  7. More or less than your 'girl'friend?
  8. So what you're telling us is that there is an anti war group you know which misleads the public by dressing up as soldiers to receive money under false pretenses. Putting up with anti-war talk is one thing, standing by and allowing this kind of behaviour to happen is totally unacceptable. Hang your head in shame.

    (The way I see it, these guys are lucky to still be walking.)
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Their usual tired argument is to portray soldiers as baby killers.

    Simply turn up to the next do with a freshly culled sprog, and hint at their hypocritical stance.
  10. Lets face facts, they arent the first bunch of gobby wet w@nkers to pop on mismatched odds and sods of green kit, and hee haw around pretending to be some sort of militairy force, whilst extracting cash from unsuspecting members of the public...

    the RAF have been getting away with it for f ucking years.

    Why havent you windmilled them yet you f ucking screamer?
  11. Next time go along with a pillow case full of meat cut offs. Let the blood soak in etc, and when one of the soapdodging students asks what it is you can matter-of-factly claim that you have found Maddy Mcann :)

    They'll love you forever :)
  12. Wat Tyler spits at the King, Hannibal crosses the Alps, that Texan bloke draws a line in the sand and you 'voice your opinion'. Every military history textbook is out of date as of now! A veritable Scipio walks amongst us!

    Cot death.
  13. I would quite happily hammer them all and watch them be scraped off the pavement by the British public servants they so depise yet rely on. But we all know this doesnt work in the long run apart from the immense personal gratification it would supply, in their eyes it would only vindicate the unneccasary violence of the Brits ( in there eyes ) and further there uninformed predijuce remarks and rallys.

    And they are white British
  14. I'd recommend inviting a few ARRSERS to their next "dress up night"

    Students????.............we'd educate them :)