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Despite having always been a very average shot whilst in the army ( a long time ago ) I have the urge to do a bit of shooting. Currently looking to do a bit of .22 plinking with the potential of moving onto a bit of 5.56 or 7.62 at a later date. I'm not overly interested in uber serious target shooting. Fun shooting is definitely where my head is. I don't live too far from Bisley (just south of Croydon) but I have no idea which club/clubs would be welcoming considering what I'm after, and their websites are mainly toss. Any advice gratefully received.

Being a good shot is not a requirement to join a club and enjoy target shooting , if it was our club would close overnight.
An hour or two prob works. Much further and an afternoon shooting becomes an all day affair, which leads to staying over somewhere which leads to drinks and so on
TFSA is a nice laid back club

.22 range a few miles out of Bracknell, every Sunday with a nice crowd of people, and once a month at Bisley. I've been a member for about a year and a half now, should go up more regularly but most of my shooting is deer.

As for clubs actually at bisley, personally I think the facilities at BSRC are wonderful, the running deer and running boar are really challenging and great fun. Though I'd note that BASC do about four members shoots a year there too.
If you are based just south of Croydon then Caterham & District Rifle Club won't be too inconvenient:
Very friendly club, 25 yard indoor range for .22LR and air rifle with a good selection of club guns covering LSR and prone. There's also a thriving full-bore section that shoots regularly at Bisley, again with club rifles available but most members happy to let newcomers try out their rifles, and there's also a gallery rifle section - pistol calibre's e.g. .45, .38 etc in lever action carbines that also shoots at Bisley. Usual rules apply - police checks followed by 6 months as a probationer during which you get a feel for what disciplines you like, then progress to full membership after which you can apply for your own FAC and buy your own stuff.
Another nearby is Carshalton Rifle Club, based in Wallington.
Slightly further away is Dorking and District Rifle Club:
They are based in a valley in the Surrey Hills and have their own outdoor ranges out to 600 yards and as can be seen from the photo on their website, a keen appreciation of the finest battle rifle ever made.
Cheers all, will have a look round in the new year and make contact - though the club that looks like they enjoy cocking around with cannons looks like the club for me....

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