Bishop Tutu and the Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bushmills, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. We can do a deal in which we do as he asks and in return he stops sharing a stage with Hamas.
  2. Thats why religon should never interfere with politics. Here endeth the lesson
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  3. **** off Desmond, you squeaky voiced little twat.
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  4. About as relevant as Sean Penn's input on the matter.
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  5. For a bloke sharing the same name as an item of ballet costume, he should shut the fcuk up and mind his own business.

  6. Never saw anyone wearing a 'Desmond' before.
  7. Tutu can **** off then can't he.
    There is nothing to negotiate, the Falklands are British.
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  8. He's not British so somebody asks him about talks.
    Of course he's going to say yes it would seem unreasonable to an outsider no to.
    Islanders don't want to be argentinian and who can blame them?
    We could talk about it not going to change could make it an annual confence bonus points for making the spics cry or walk out in rage but that's rather childish :)
  9. Didn't the Argentine Junta have links with the Apartheid regime?
  10. You watch,it'll be that other has-been Diego Maradona next,maybe even Simon Cowell,anyone else wanna' jump on the bandwagon? :yawnstretch:
  11. Desmond me old cleric, you,re yesterdays man, old horse, you,ve had your days in the limelight so do one and annoy God some more, you know it makes sense.
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  12. His Most Holy has just fuelled up the whole of South America with those comments.

    Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will yet again Orgasm .... She can now authorise a full scale invasion .... then blame it on Des for inspiring her. :)
  13. Clearly you never saw what his instructors did to him as a young man after theology class
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  14. I'm surprised that he had time to comment. I'd have thought he would be busy limbering up for his rushing of a Israeli border post on the 30th. I can't imagine he might encourage others to break the law and run the very real chance of getting shot dead in a mass violation of Israel's sovereign integrity and not take the risk himself, front and centre, colours a-waving. I mean if he did that people might think he was a bit of a dick.