Bishop & Jackson at Waterstones

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by foxs_marine, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Patrick Bishop & Gen. Sir Mike Jackson will be discussing Bishop's "3 Para" & Jackson's new memoir at Waterstone's, Kensington High Street, on 20 Sept at 1900, according to today's Sunday Times. Admission is £3, possibly redeemable on the price of either book.
  2. Oh well bloody done. You have just breached OPSEC good and proper haven't you?
  3. Probably not as Waterstones will have it all over their windows.
  4. Im sure it is advertised in many more places than here.
    If they wish to write a book and sign autographs in public then they are risking their own security.
    How is this breaching persec when it is information that is in the public domain. Im sure they will be welcome of the publicity. Would be a bit daft to have a book signing and keep it secret
  5. There's a couple of old Para Regt in Aldershot who are pictured in his book who knew nothing about it, I think they want royalties!
  6. If so, I trust the moderators will remove it. As it was listed in a Waterstone's ad in the books section, it's hardly secret, but no harm was intended.

    Mods, over to you...
  7. I was only having a little fun :D