Bishop incident was not mugging

Them Bishops sure know how to party
And at the Irish Embassy to boot!!

Actually, I think I've been mugged on several occasions now...
Might this be a classic case of "Kevin Spaceyitis" your honours? The patient thinks they have been mugged but after about forty eight hours they "remember" that they were actually out cruising for a bit of bi-curiousity's sake? Apparently it was frightfully common in london a while back, before they changed the law. (See "Guardsman's Defence")
top effort from the sky where is that home office report on binge drinking.....ah yes next to the Church one about moral decline.....


War Hero
Did he bump into Ron Davies?


The Boozing Bish may be in some difficulty. According to newspaper reports he is known to come down very hard indeed on clergy with drink problems, and even gave one priest his cards for alcohol abuse. If so, he is on a sticky wicket, methinks.
And coming on Radio 4 to say 'I wasn't pisht' doesn't cut it either. Is Brenda regretting the choice of Southwark for her Christmas message (and annual nod at the Commonweath)?

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