Bisexual walts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Where the hell do they get off?

    They bang on and f king on about it but find them a willing partner of the same sex and it's:

    1) Don't fancy him/her.
    2) I'm washing my hair.
    3) I'd like to but it's my period/rugby match/ mum's birthday/dog's wedding.

    For fuck's sake!
  2. Just pin him down and suck his c ock.
  3. Only if he gives a reach around at the same time.
  4. Dirty fecking hermo.
  5. Stinking fucking know all.

    Still waiting for an answer on the other thread. :roll:
  6. Dirty, alcoholic scrubber with a penchant for frozen pork products.
  7. .........................and homos.
  8. Your point being?

    Still no answer lovelumps..........

    Scared of a hermer and a slut are you?
  9. and a heterosexual hermer sympathiser? :?
  10. Aren't plums cheap.
  11. Still waiting for the pictures........
  12. Mate, I suspected when I met you but if I would have known for sure, I would have never squashed your stool ;)

    If you really fancy him, just let him know, there is no need to justify it by including a token woman.

    Just do me a favour afterwards and kill yourself with a cyanide injection.
  13. ARRSEs finest on the rampage again?
    What's the nasty FiveAlpha man done, apart from stating the obvious of course.
  14. Well forgive me for being comfortable in my heterosexuality! :D
  15. I'd hazard to comment that sh*gging Dale puts that statement right on the edge of truthfulness :)