Biscuits to prevent masturbation


Vital news for frequent ejaculators.

In The Guardian Eight of the most outlandish food health claims
Biscuits to prevent masturbation
Digestive biscuits may once have been thought to aid the breakdown of food thanks to their high baking soda content – but that's nothing compared to the claims made about the graham cracker. The American campfire favourite was a key component of the "purifying" vegetarian regime devised by Presbyterian minister Reverend Sylvester Graham in 1829, which he said could put an end to masturbation and other carnal urges. Similar powers were associated with an early incarnation of cornflakes, created in 1894 by devoted Grahamite John Harvey Kellogg (and his brother Will Keith) to be served to patients at Michigan's Battle Creek sanatorium.
I could grate that biscuit deep in to my japseye and it wouldn't put me off wanking.
Is that Biscuits_AB or one of the other biscuit chappies?

On whose authority are they going to stop wankers wanking? Who appointed the Wank Tsar?

We need to know!


That's not going to help the sperm bank shortage
:) Preventing wankers. If only.
For some, being a wanker is an immutable way of life.
For some, being a ****** is an immutable way of life.
You'd never know it round here. :p

There's being a wanker, and there's being a wanker...


Zen and the art of frequent ejaculation.



Stand by your beds!
Repackaged to generate sales of these biscuits to mothers of spotty teenage boys...

I dunno, there might be something in it. If you've got a biscuit in each hand, knocking one out could be a bit tricky. At the very least there'd be crumbs and jizz everywhere.

Gout Man

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I always thought these did the trick, and have you tried eating a digestive with these on, let alone bashing one off?


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