Biscuits - The debate rages on.

So the categories:

For Dunking -

For consuming whole pack in one sitting -

For posh guests -

People cnuts you hate who insist on stealing your biscuits -
clownbasher said:
Can I bring the attention of all you plebs to the undisputed Kaiser of biscuits, the choccy Leibniz:

In the manufacturers own description of the product these are 'more chocolate than a biscuit' - however, they are the nuts of the biscuit world in my opinion, especially the orange chocolate ones!
Milk chocolate Hobnobs when I'm feeling like a right fat bastard (must be eaten at one sitting!)

Digestives, (the king) for any time otherwise but especially with smelly cheese
ctauch said:
arby said:
No, they are scones. Now fuck off back to the colonies
I know what scones are you hethen and those "biscuits" are no scones, and they damn sure aren't a cookie. Those are buttermilk biscuits, not some uppity tea at 5 fucking scones.
Once again, you are but a hop, skip and a jump from the slave ships. Biscuits are British. Also go and find a dictionary and look up the pronunciation of aluminum. You may be surprised.
Mr_Deputy said:
chilipepper said:
Eat in One Go category: Custard Creams.

"What do you want for dinner?"

"Nothing, I've just had a pack of biscuits."

Sound familar to anyone?
Last week I was hiding in your loft for three days spying on your family through holes in the ceiling.
It was just that once. I promise.
What biscuits did you take as rations?
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