Biscuits brown

any one know the civvi equivalent due to drinking loads this week my poo is coming very wet and very often want something to bulk up the poos any one?
Oatcakes. The plain ones are a bit gopping, but the Nairns cheese variety are not bad.
(How’s this for top notch search foo and thread resurrection?!)

In a fit of nostalgia a mate of mine bought a couple of packets of Biccies Brown off EBay (a fiver for two packets), and being a decent sort shared them at tea break this morning:


The best by date is given as 2021 so they are still fresh, but by heck I’d forgotten just how incredibly dry these things are. They should really be used for combatting bursting river banks.

Here’s more or less what I looked like before taking a nibble:


Which turned to something like this 30 seconds later:


It even sucked my hair and eyeballs back inside my skull.

It was good of my mate to share them, but why the hell couldn’t he have just gone for a packet of Spangles or an Arabian Mars Bar, or just something with a lot more moisture in it, like sand?

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