Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. In the Daily Telegraph
    That last paragraph made me think.

    Could this be a sort of Swiftboat 2.0? Is Rahm "Israel" Emmanuel secretly working the astroturf? Is this a sinister Obamalist plot to blacken the good name of deranged teabagging wingnuts everywhere???

    Come to think of it I'm beginning to see the Barry as Antichrist shtick, intelligent design and climate change denial in a new light. Is it all a liberal elite conspiracy to make the GOP look like a drool spattered, balloon waving retard rushing towards a buzzsaw?

    Quickly brothers, there is only one defense.
  2. To equate the "birthers" with those attending TEA Parties is a leap. All the TEA Parties I have been to have been an eclectic mix of all sorts; democrats, republicans, Ron Paulist, and libraterians. The focus of TEA Parties is to stop the out of control spending, and fiscal irresponsibility rampant in DC, and is not about one party over the other.

    The brither movement is a small fringe group, and I wouldn't even call them conservatives, as they up to this point are singularly focused on Obama and his place of birth. World Nut (Net) Daily has been leading the charge on this since Obama came on the scene and have at least 2 articles a day on the subject.

    They are no better then the "9/11 truthers" and should just be ignored
  3. For complete wing-nuttary see this page:

    Most think it’s a parody at first, but reading the Talk Page shows that there really are some really deluded nutcases out there.
  4. What's really ironic here is it's fricken Michael Medved saying "It makes us look weird. It makes us look crazy. It makes us look demented. It makes us look sick, troubled, and not suitable for civilised company."

    That's the same creationist loon that believes in "American DNA".
    And the poor bewildered soul is not even being metaphorical.
  5. Apparently they have gotten their target wrong..... they should be targetting the geezer called Santa Claus, aka Father Christmas...aka Saint Nick.... :oops:

    Santa Claus really is a Socialist/Commie.... because he gives a way pressies.... He should be, in good Capitalistic ways, be charging as much as he can get away with before bing found out.... So Santa Claus is therefore a Commie, a Terrorist and should be renditioned out of the North Pole and put into Gitmo so he can be 'interrogated' as to where Sammy Bin Liner is hiding.... :wink: 8O

    Tin Foil hats..... Sounds like is part of the 'Uber-band of Brothers'... like David Icke... and others who are so much a scource of mirth and merriment to us 'ordinary' mortals.... :? :)
  6. Seems they could put paid to any rumours quite simply by releasing his birth certificate....

  7. "Birthers" for the great part are usually also "Truthers" who think the World Trade Center was a Gobmint plot.

    Throw in some Ron Paul supporters, Far Far Rightists, CPUSA, Hillary supporter types and you've got one hell of a Melange of stupidity.
  8. [​IMG]
    His long form birth certificate was destroyed by sinister Hawaiian bureaucrats.

    And Rahm's horned minions traveled back in time to plant this in the Honolulu Advertiser in 1961.

    And what's more:
  9. And what the Birthers will point out is that is a Laser Jet Copy, something that wasnt around when Obama or Myself were Born. Frankly this gem started a lot of the Loons down the road to full conspiracy.

    As a Note My NYC Birth certificate from 1963 has the Doctors name, Hospital, Time of Birth, Father name & Occupation, Mothers name, number of children born alive previously etc. Ht, Wt., etc.

    If he had something like that this whole birther house of cards would disappear quickly as the sham it is
  10. Whether all these folks who have questions about his background are "loons" or not could be easily resolved if the relevant records (all of them-as has been the practice for previous presidents) were simply produced. I think the more relevant issue is the broader one that never in our history has someone risen to the presidency with so little vetting of his background. I can vividly recall in the dim mists of history as a young lad dreaming one day of being president and listening to the campaign of Eisenhower how much I knew about him as a person. As an aside it is interesting to see how he leveraged his campaign on race when his certificate of live birth says he is a caucasian.

    And lest anyone think my view is based on race, I can assure you it is not. Those who level such charges against anyone daring to question his highness are merely using one of the plays out of the progressive playbook--demonize the speaker and avoid the substantive issue. I focus on facts and in his case, there are precious few.
  11. I have my original "birth record" with stamp in place from 1968, signed by the US Consul in Germany. Has far more info then that of Obama's.

    Not saying he isn't legit just saying like the recent Gates blow up he perpetuates the problems.
  12. Yep, If I were being accused of it, I would want to clear the air by showing all the records to give them widespread media attention. Some think he wants to hide that his parents werent Married at his birth, but frankly who would care?

    Get the Documents out there so anyone can see them and you expose the remaining Birthers as the Nuts they are.
  13. I have no love for him either, but you know what I mean. I dont hold the child responsible for the parents (even if it did turn out to be true). Seriously I beleive unless they give this some attention it will always dog him and the nuts will always be there interfering with real dissent over him and his policies
  14. Don't believe everything you read--those seeking answers to legitimate questions of whether he is Constitutionally qualified to be president are not all "nuts." That is what the "progressives" who want to simply ignore inconvenient bits of our Constitution want you to think.
  15. I don't really care about the birthers - I'm more interested in why the GOP hasn't been all over the Obama campaign's acceptance of illegal overseas campaign donations (along with other electoral...err...irregularities), having expressly disabled the checks on the payment system. Don't believe me? Google it. A few non-Obama supporting bloggers with foreign credit cards tried to donate small amounts illegally to Barry, Billary & McCain's Oven Fries. Guess which one accepted the payment and which 2 didn't...

    I guess the RNC want to be magnanimous in defeat... like that's ever gotten anyone anywhere! Had the boot been on the other foot the DNC would be ALL OVER the RNC with the media as their cheerleaders. The GOP have to understand that the DNC want to win AT ALL COSTS, and will play dirty to do it while calling the GOP the nasty ones.