To Cait - happy birthday for yesterday.

To Viki - happy birthday for today.

Thank God they are only once a year. The Slug is distinctly unwell..........
Cait, sorry I missed your birthday..

I will make it upto you by spilling my mess all over you kisser

Happy birthday to the hottest totty on arrse :D
Pah - Where is my birthday present MDN????
I have flicked a green thrapsock from last nights hand shandy out of the front window, get that nibbled :D
Seems birthday wishes (and belated ones) are due so I submit a virtual cake and you can virtually fight over the sticky bits :lol:

And incase anyone is interested, this cake was made from a plaster cast model of one of the "members" (pardon the pun) on arrse.
Answers on a postcard :wink:


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