Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. What is about birthdays that expresses such resentment by you.

    Take today for instance

    Today is my Birthday, just another day as far as i am concerned yet because a a certain person hasnot acknowledged what day it is, it has severly peed me off.

    Now i know for a fact if i had forgoten theres, i would have been hung drawn and quarterd big style.

    This being the case i ask the fellow breathern of ARRSE for your advice.

    Am i just being petty and should shut up whinging?

    Or should i have a go at her?

    Or should i do something to extract revenge? if so what?
  2. I reckon you should pin her on the floor in the front room, rest your pace stick on he sternham and slowly apply weight and pressure until you hear it crack. then put on your best Bauer Turbo ice skates and stamp all over her tits.

    Her scars and pain when she breathes will ensure she doesn't forget next year.
  3. F*ck all to celebrate about birthdays: just another year closer to the foetid silence of the grave, and chavs p*ssing on your headstone...
  4. Ignore MDN's inimitable sternum-style and equally ignore all birthdays forthwith. Yours and hers. It isn't worth it anyway.
  5. Look Sabre, I'm really sorry, I'm ill and I've only been up for an hour...

  6. Thats ok ty dozy but i am not after all happy birthdays from fellow arrsers, more like what would people do if there partner had forgotten theres, and what they would do to put there point accross
  7. OK then, serious answer? I'd talk to her. That might sound tree-hugging and heart-bleeding but if she's a friend/partner/spouse then the only way to go forwrad is to have a word and explain how you feel like and try make her imagine would she would feel like if you had forgotten.

    Talking is a darn good thing in relationships - as long as it isn't exaggerated. :wink:

    Then, if it all goes well, go out for a good meal, she should feel guilty enough by then to offer to pay for food and booze. :D
  8. Simple. 'Forget' everything she asks you to do for the next month...
  9. Sod that i prefer MDN's Idea as its actually making a statement, if i wanted a agony aunt thing i would have written to the scum newspaper
  10. Agree with Dozy (the bed-lurking sicky drama Queen) - ignore everything the forgetful moo asks you to do until she twigs.

    You might also wish to sulk heavily.

    Any chance she's winding you up, and has a secret surprise waiting for you later on.....?

    Didn't think so......
  11. Dozy's course of action seems by far to be the most effective long term and without the need of medical attention of MDN suggestion.

    Kept quiet about it until she twigs then milk it for all it is worth as she should be feeling so incredibly guilty by then that you'll be able to have whatever you want!! :lol:

    P.S Happy Birthday!!
  12. Thanks Bern, I can really look forward to that :(
  13. Yay! You bit. :lol:
  14. She hasn't forgotten - women don't forget these things - she's sulking about something you did that p*ssed her off or has been p*ssing her off for years and she's making a statement. I suspect when you ask her why she's forgotten your birthday you will unleash it....... tell us how it went!
  15. give her a chance, she may have arranged something and is pretending to have forgotten etc, however if this is not the case then the guilt will kick in soon enough and you can have pretty much anything you desire...

    happy birthday x